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by lali manoban

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Study With Me Live | 14+ Hours | Reverse Pomodoro | CA Final | No Music No Talk | D day (-) 9 and images related to this article.

Study With Me Live | 14+ Hours | Reverse Pomodoro | CA Final | No Music No Talk | D day (-) 9

Study With Me Live | 14+ Hours | Reverse Pomodoro | CA Final | No Music No Talk | D day (-) 9

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Schedule- Starts 11 Am (IST)
Detailed Streaming Schedule-
Resources used-
Study with me on Discord-
Join my channel-
Complete Schedule-
(Updates weekly)

How do we do it ? What is the Modus-operandi ? Routine we follow ?

We divide our day into 4 blocks.

-Rise of a Super-Man/Women-
Time: Shortly after waking up
Duration: 3 hours

-We ensure to hit the desk almost immediately after waking up to take full advantage of peak of energy in the morning.
-This is followed by a Short Break of 30 minutes for Lunch and Music (Recommended Music- Binaural Beats)

-High Intensity Zone-
Time: Afternoon (IST)
Duration: 3 hours

-This is followed by a break of 30 minutes for Exercise. During Sunset, It is recommended to do some stretching and Brisk walk kind of body exercise.

-Taking it easy-
Time: After Sunset (IST)
Duration: 3.00 hours

-This is followed by a short break of 30 minutes

-Being Unstoppable-
Time: Night-time
Duration: 2.5 hours

– We try and complete our targets for the day in this block.
– This is followed by another short break of 30 minutes.

-Winding down-
Time: Late night
Duration: 1-2 Hours

-We revise everything studied during the day.
-After concluding the study sessions, write down Journal for the day and pen down targets for the next day.
-Rearrange the desk, Turn off the devices and get to the bed with a book of your interest.


You are watching LIVE Study stream.
This is supposed to be used largely by Students, Research scholars, Professionals and anyone who wants to be productive in their studies/work. Basically, It’s a VIRTUAL LIBRARY.


Why such Live streams ?

We all have to agree that no matter how good your School/College/Professors/Tutors/Institute/University is, it ultimately boils down to self study and When it comes to self study, There are some common problems faced by almost every student and this Live streaming study session helps eliminate the problem.

_The Issue_

Many of Students around the globe faces challenges of Procrastination, Low Self motivation and not being able to stick to a routine, Non-interest when studying alone.
Although, everyone wants to be super productive and highly motivated to complete the task in hand, most of students are not able to convert their intentions into actual output.

_The Solution_

This is where LIVE Study streams help. It will help you stick to a schedule and ingrain a habit of study on a daily basis.
When you see someone else studying and knowing that there are others joining in on the same platform and toiling hard for their tasks, you also get the motivation to join in and stick around.
Just the fact that you are not there alone, sends a signal to your brain to keep up the focus. Increased Productivity, motivation, confidence and good marks are just a by product.


Who am I related FAQ

Name – Nishit
Location- Bihar, India
Studying for- Chartered Accountancy (CA Final)
Subjects Studying- Financial Reporting, Strategic Financial Management, Advanced Auditing and Business Law.
Book reading today- The Untethered Soul (Michael A Singer)
My mission- To create a virtual library of students who can interact in real time and get their doubts solved mutually.


Devices I use

Camera- iPhone SE (2020)
Mobile phone- iPhone SE (2016)
Audio- Airpods (2nd Gen)
Laptop- Lenovo G50
Keyboard- Logitech K480
Tablet- iPad 6th Generation (2018)
Musical Instrument- Juarez Concert Ukulele
E Reader- Kindle Paper-white (10th Gen 6″)
Study Lamp- Havells Rechargeable LED
Stylus- Apple Pencil (1st Gen)
Watch- AmazeFit BIP and Orpat Alarm Clock
Virtual Assistant- Alexa Echo Dot White

Connect with me


If you are here and I am not studying live, Chances are you are in a different time zone or logging in during my downtime. If your study time is not matching with my timezone (Indian standard time), You can always use my past streamed posted videos to study. Alternatively. Here are my recommendations of some other Youtubers who might be live streaming right now.
1. Kharma Medic
2. James scholz
3. Ari Horesh

Stay indoors, Stay Productive.
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Study With Me Live | 14+ Hours | Reverse Pomodoro | CA Final | No Music No Talk | D day (-) 9.

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