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View the News Feed Phone about SCSN Live Seismograms Feed

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SCSN Live Seismograms Feed and images related to this theme.

SCSN Live Seismograms Feed

SCSN Live Seismograms Feed

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This is a real-time feed of data from a selection of SCSN seismic stations located in Southern California. The stations labeled within this window correspond to the locations indicated on the map further below. For more information on the SCSN seismic stations go to
Technical Disclaimer: The length of time represented is 10 minutes with a 1 second refresh rate. The time at the bottom is in UTC. Stations are sorted by latitude from north to south. There is a delay of approximately 20 seconds in the feed. The waveforms displayed are broadband (20-40 samples/second), high gain, vertical component channels using the SEED format channel type BHZ, with a high pass filter of 0.3Hz enabled. This feed is for visual purposes only and cannot be used to locate, identify, or analyze an earthquake with any degree of accuracy. Station selection subject to change as necessary. Graphical coloration is aesthetic and serves no scientific purpose.

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SCSN Live Seismograms Feed.

limo 2021.

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