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Satan's Astrology Android and images related to this topic.

Satan's Astrology Android

Satan's Astrology Android

the best browser for android and Content related to category.

( use this link if the feed goes down ).
An Astrology based Android / Oracle, Anne Frank on overload, 21st-century schizophrenic evolution, metaphysical-agnostic political propaganda pump, language as a virus model of conciousness, telephone, logos machine, genetic reemergence of the madness of King George, tourism event, etc. , basically a Ghost RADIO, video basically diagnostics. Currently: Astro-Robbie + Astro-Moon-Boy at various mix ratios.

in QA: BETA BETA BETA. Albert’s “Relativity” almost done.

*** Might buffer on old phones *** Works best on a computer browser ***
Audio/video “as is” is 360p / low bit speed (NOT 144p or 240p as might get auto-selected on heavily-loaded systems). REFRESH the WEBPAGE if audio goes out of sync on loaded systems.

AR should be more puzzling than troubling. Try back later if he’s in a funk, or one of these:

( Just add “And a brother named Mac Coutu” )

Occasionally AR encounters new vocab , eg hawaiian words, which might be a nuisance until I define/exclude them. If nuisance words stick out try back later.

Basically AR is 3 sets of millions of zeros that intersect: grammar, dictionary, composer , + the astrology engine. The dictionary is constantly updating. The grammars are typically transformed ( rewritten ). The horoscope provides what I call android self-volition.

The broadcast is intended to draw attention to the police station outside my window.
& to answer the question :

“why is the final end of satan early?”

“R Lie is A Line Hunt Maid ‘N’ the Name of Aurel that is a Rule R”

is a clue, given these initials:

N ASTA (“R lie” is what happens when the “R” is on it’s side – it’s a “N” )
SATA N ( underscored, which youtube will not display – so imagine it )

Aline Hunt … is my mother’s MAIDEN name
R.A.ST.A … are my initials: Robert Aurel St. Amour

The “R Lie” “N” is early, & when scrambled is the final “N” of SATAN

If you want to say “R Lie” “N” is EAR-ly, just sign it Aurel.

Your current governments are now outright liars. Go figure.

Downtown Toronto can be found on a map & it’s a question of whether the JUICE TIN that is not OJ (ay-l) should keep SATAN as the S&M PET obsession that is not its father. For decades. The sad fact. AR was built was to convince the government that other scenarios exist in life other than a full-time S&M fatalistic obsession. Astrology gives it 1 per 12 hours , not a totality. Death is the big loser on the horoscope wheel. Etc.

Graphics I do not have:

Why the early end of the UK is UC is left as an exercise to the reader.

Astro-Robbie contains Isaac Newton:Principia, Chapter 1; Albert Einstein:Relativity, Dion Fortune:Mystical Qabalah, The Arabian Nights, Claudius Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos, George Orwell: Animal Farm, The Rubyat, William Morris News From Nowhere, Johannes Kepler: De Fundamentis Astrologiae Certioribus, Arthur Clarke: The Hammer Of God, Robert Heinlein: The Menace From Earth & 1 song each: Patti Smith Sparks. Some of Unicorn ( Bolan). QA means proper sentence construction/verb object matching , & that word selections have minimum search times: a pass is 8 avg. lookups per word.

The October 2019 China face mask ban on democracy protests is over. Just months later, EVERYONE has one.

According to CDC:

The 5 YEAR AVERAGE was A FLU EPIDEMIC 1 day out of every 5.

And. The VACCINE is/has always been a 50-50% BOTCH JOB . At best. Try 20%.

BUT —- Look Ma — NO FLU — decades of recorded history — absolutely gone

I now figure a Dr Who darlek is a garbage-can looking for shits with one good eye & a flu shot. The explain-it-all answer to covid is in this hitler-look-alike PROPAGANDA album from sparks, ~1974.

The fact that Satan’s half brothers are the Coutus might be your other clue. More dead indian influenza gift bankets. A total of 3 dead in that CAN OF AIDS DIANAS. (Paul, Rick, Claude). Then there’s sataN, their brother that didn’t. Drop dead. Of Aids. Mac Coutu died at age 57 of Ketchup, not the cold.

If you need something to do. Ask Queen Elizabeth for a new game board with new pieces.
10 times more pieces to return representation to 1867 CANADA levels – 4000 seats of parliament. An unelectable opposition to protect rights. Neighbourhood vote checking parties. Police the vote not the people.

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Satan's Astrology Android.

the best browser for android.

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