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LIVE Nest Box Cam (Sleeping Guest at night) – Recke, Germany and images related to this article.

LIVE Nest Box Cam (Sleeping Guest at night) - Recke, Germany

LIVE Nest Box Cam (Sleeping Guest at night) – Recke, Germany

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⚠️ Warning – Wildlife Documentation:
You’re watching an uncut nature live stream that can be disturbing to sensitive people.

This Bird Nest Box Cam is located in Recke (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) in our garden.
Here you will find the main live cams from our garden:
🐦 LIVE Bird Feeder Cam:
🦔 LIVE Ground Feeder Cam:
💦 LIVE Bird Bath Cam:
🌳 LIVE Tree Bird Feeder Cam:
You can find more changing livestreams here:

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This 24/7 livestream has a 12 hours rewind function on browsers (4 hours on the YouTube App).
Move the mouse over the red bar in the livestream to rewind.

🎁 NEW!!! NatureTec Website 🎁
At you can find regularly new articles on topics such as wild birds and hedgehogs, nature and technology, year-round feeding and much more. There is a great selection of live streams (not only from NatureTec) and videos, lots of information about the whole project and a quiz is waiting for you. In addition, there is now a NatureTec forum where you can exchange ideas on all topics related to wild birds and hedgehogs.

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At Discord you can find many pictures and videos every day, get in touch with the community, ask questions, take part in surveys, chat privately, present your self-painted pictures, find a lot of information about the animals and much more – for free:
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Come to the community:

⚜️ WELZHOFER ⚜️ 🇦🇩🇻🇪🇷🇹🇮🇸🇮🇳🇬 ∗∗
Welzhofer is a german family business with a long tradition, based in Bavaria. It produces high quality wild bird, hedgehog and squirrel food – sustainable and climate-neutral. Welzhofer provide our birds, hedgehogs and squirrels with the best food what we can wish for. Welzhofer introduces itself:

Click here for a virtual 360° panorama tour:
Here you can see photos of the station:
And here is a map with the location of the station in the garden:
If you want to see photos of all the stations, the surroundings, the garden and the other nesting boxes, take a look at my photo album. From time to time I will add new photos:

Here you will find answers to the most important questions:

We are very grateful about every donation.

Thank you very much for your support 🙏

🌻 FEED 🌻 🇦🇩🇻🇪🇷🇹🇮🇸🇮🇳🇬 ∗∗
I only use food from Welzhofer:
Use our exclusive discount code ‘NaturetecFriend2021’ and get a 10% discount on all Welzhofer products:

Sleeping guest: Great tit since July 19, 2021

🕵🏻 HELP 🕵🏻
I want to compile the best moments from each stream. So that I can record great moments you have to help me. If you see rare birds or funny or interesting situations, write the exact timestamp in the chat. Thank you for your helping creating great content.

You can enter the following commands in the chat to get further information:
!welzhofer – shows my feed provider and a discount code
!weather – shows you the current weather in Recke with temperature, wind and humidity
!pano – shows a virtual panorama tour of the feeding stations
!member – become a member
!rules – shows you the chat rules

Be respectful. No political, religious, racist, sexual or offensive comments. No spam, no advertising and no comments about killing animals. We accept any language in chat!

∗∗ 🇦🇩🇻🇪🇷🇹🇮🇸🇮🇳🇬
I only use and advertise products that convince me and that I consider recommendable.

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LIVE Nest Box Cam (Sleeping Guest at night) – Recke, Germany.

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