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Kororā Nest Cam Wellington, New Zealand. and images related to this theme.

Kororā Nest Cam Wellington, New Zealand.

Kororā Nest Cam Wellington, New Zealand.

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Welcome to our Kororā LIVE Nest Cam in Wellington – 24/7 live stream.
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****UPDATE 24th November 2021****
1News interview by Kate Nicol-Williams

****UPDATE 10th November 2021****
Adult kororā finally arrived back from feeding at sea around 10.15pm.
The chick is feeding well and the sitting adult has gone to sea.
Sadly the first chick that hatched did not make it and passed away some time earlier that afternoon.

****UPDATE 7th November 2021****
Second chick hatched.

****UPDATE 5th November 2021****
First chick hatched.

****UPDATE 6th October 2021****
Two eggs have now been laid.
First egg arrived 11.30pm 30th September 2021
Second egg arrived 00.05.52 past midnight 3rd October 2021

Incubation period (mean) is 37days
First hatching should start around on or around 7th November 2021
followed by the second hatching on or around the 9th November 2021

Fledging (mean) is 55days from hatching
1st January 2022

All around the shores of Wellingtons harbour, Kororā or little blue penguins are getting ready to start new families. Over the last few weeks a pair of little blues have been busily preparing a nest box for the female to lay her eggs…

Kororā, little blue penguins or Little penguins are the world’s smallest penguin, standing at only 35-43 cm and weighing in at just over 1kg. The penguins hunt at sea, diving for prey generally in waters less than 50 m deep. Little penguins are mainly found within 25 km of the shore during the breeding season but can travel further out to sea when not breeding. Their diet is composed of varying proportions of small shoaling fish, squid and crustacean species.

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Urban Wildlife Trust is extremely grateful to our Project Partners:

NIWA, the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric research.
Aotea Security
Axis Communications
NZ Penguin Initiative
Places for Penguins

Ngā mihi

Amber, Tony, Matt, Edith, Myfanwy and Stephen.
Urban Wildlife Trustees

Kororā Nest Cam streaming LIVE on YouTube 24/7

Make sure you keep an eye out on our outdoor Kororā Cam also streaming LIVE 24/7 on YouTube.

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Kororā Nest Cam Wellington, New Zealand..

kia interview.

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