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Bakery Recipe, Snacks

Taro pastry

This is a snacks with normal bakery recipe , Outside the taro layer, we can stuffed red beans, green beans, sesame, curstard … but if we creatively about how to create an image, it will become pretty sweet little gift …


Yummy Tart of sweet potato

The Autumn on August. C’mon the sweet potato , crunchy peach, ginkgo, sour apple. I would not dare to think of red and  yellow leaves…because I would very miss them! There is one thing that is different with every year, this year more rain and storms more. While currently It’s the second half of the summer but more […]

Bakery Recipe

Matcha Cookies

Green tea biscuits crispy, fragrant butter blended with green tea flavor without causing feeling sick to enjoy. During the holidays, you can manually make the cookie delicious green tea to entertain, often informal family instead of the industrial biscuits box buy available in supermarkets, is it extremely meaningful, right?

Dessert, Dish Of The Day

German chocolate cheesecake

This cheesecake is quite complicated to make, but not too difficult. The techniques are not hard but you will have trouble finding the right ingredients. I only make this cake when i have such a strong craving for it.But it is so worthy and rewarding. This cake contains many layers. It is the combination of […]

Dessert, Tips for Cooking

Pomegranate syrup for the summer

Summer is the season of drinks and snacks cool makes us numb tongue. By having this new withstand inclement weather as today. Hot in the fire !!! Along with the strengthening of yogurt to increase resistance to everyone in the family, we need to add more fruits and vegetables provide vitamin C to protect health. […]