Month: February 2021

Bakery Recipe

Pig Skin Cake

The weather has not completely switch to summer but It’s hot sunny, currently I have a lot of homework needs to solve in a short time. So I feel very tired, but this recipe is the result of one times to visit my grandmother. However fatigue caused the lazy. So that is until today I […]

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Bacon Rolling Pumpkin

Bacon barbecue is a dish often found in the breakfast, but if we cleverly use other materials accompanying it will make a very attractive dish. Today I will use pumpkin to roll with slices of bacon. All will create an artistic work. This is a simple dish, easy to rework delicious. Place pumpkin unconsolidated soft, […]

Bakery Recipe, Snacks

Taro pastry

This is a snacks with normal bakery recipe , Outside the taro layer, we can stuffed red beans, green beans, sesame, curstard … but if we creatively about how to create an image, it will become pretty sweet little gift …