Month: August 2020

Culinary Experience

Memory of the Coconut pancake of my mom

My mother was good at housework since she was a girl. Everythings which resourceful of the woman she is learned from her grandmother. After She getting married, she learned at her grandmother and husband’s friends. My mother has a skillfully embroider, sew, well cook, especially some famous baking  including Dong Khoi coconut cake is delicious.

Chickens, geese, ducks

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle dish is easy to make people enjoy broth by charming sweetness from the broth. The sweet-scented and tender meat, vegetable prices crunchy sweet with soft chewy chewy noodles. Raw materials required (5 servings) – A chicken (about 1 kg – 1.2 kg after meat) – Dry red onion, coriander, anise, coriander, onion, chopped. […]

Mixed Salad

Rainbow Pineapple salad

This is a dish with that all the raw materials that are be available in all of the markets or supermarkets, Today I will guide you to do a mix with the flavor and the making are fast that more taste very strange and colorful, suitable for Holyday or a certain day visitors to play an extraordinary […]