Month: April 2018

Appetizer, Fried Dish, Materials, Seafood

Fried squid Pineapple sauce

In summer, there is nothing happier than enjoying the cool sour dishes with ingredients from seafood. Squid is one of the favorite ingredients of our family on every occasion we gathered do but barbecue. Today my mother is given a pineapple from her friends. It occurred to me the inspiration to find something new for […]

Dish Of The Day

Bisque – Welcome back to the winter!

When time closer to Christmas, it was colder. What I always wanted to return from the cold is enjoying a bowl of hot soup, It’s fully of gently infuse flavor graffitied a layer of greasy cream. Indeed nothing can blow cold as fast as a tasty soup. Because of the heat of it will help us for refreshed feeling and natural sweetness that makes […]

Fry & Grill, Seafood

Fried of Balling Cockles

Blood Cockles is a material with high nutritional value, blood tonic, is processed into a variety of dishes like scallops poached, steamed clams, cockles sautéed beef, oyster soup. But today I will show you a very novel dishes from this kind of seafood.

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Chicken rolls potato fries crispy

Our kids are very naughty, often they work tirelessly and playing with grandparents with these childish gamesin the weekends. I usually make some new dishes with ingredients that they prefer, it’s chicken. Today I will guide you chicken fries crispy rolls. Yellow chicken rolls are fantastic. The first bite into pieces immediately will feel crispness and aroma […]