Month: September 2017


Roast Pork Roll

This is a type of bread that available  in Tour  Les Jours ‘s store such as I often see them, but they make the hard coating and like the puff rather than roll style, and inside layer was the beans green tea. Crackers and this’s a delicious hot food’s. Instead of the inner layer sweet, this is put the  salt with grilled or […]

Mixed Salad

How to make kimchi

Kimchi has long become an indispensable dish for Koreans. However, the recipes to make kimchi is somewhat complicated. In Vietnam, people often process kimchi Vietnamese ways. Do you want to learn how to make kimchi from Korea, we I believe you will be captivated by the taste of Korean kimchi! Ingredients: cabbage white radish onion, […]

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Grilled Beef With Lemon Juice

Usually when we eat a bowl of beef noodle soup, we usually add a little drop of lemon juice. This enables is even more delicious dishes and reduce the “stiff” sweetness of seasoning or the salty. Lemon also works identically with grilled beef. But familiar roast beef prepared with spicy accompanied, especially water squeezed from lemon […]