Month: July 2017

Sauté (Fry-Stir), Vegetarian

Mushrooms sauteed with water mimosa

On summer days, the hot weather make you feel like a crazy. Well, the delicious dishes from vegetables are always favored by people. Food is not only delicious, but also to ensure health in summer day for you, you should avoid high-fat foods will make you hotter. So mushrooms sauteed with water mimosa will be my choice to […]

Fry & Grill, Pork

Fried Ribs with Lemongrass

This is a delicious dish and very easy to make. But in order to make the Rib not shrink, you should use a few lines on a piece knife slitting rib or you can appeal it before frying. For the rib which has slopes with beautiful yellow face, you can add 3 tablespoons cocoa .. When fried meat marinating […]

Culinary Experience

Chefs are so much fun …

As one of the hottest professions today, the profession of chefs attracts the attention of young people by expanding job opportunities and ideal income. However, besides the joys and glorious work, chefs also have difficulties and hardships not everyone knows, so many young people who follow the profession then feel dizzy and give up. halfway. […]

Bakery Recipe

How to make delicious rolls of Gateaus

Rolls a common type of cake, basically, but gateau / sponge cause “life difficult” for many other cakes. Maybe because they do not grasp the general principles. This article is a bit long, hope people have the patience to read to are more successful. Trying to summarize what this turtle cake understand about this in […]