Month: June 2017

Mixed Salad, Vegetarian

Sour cabbage salad

Sometimes there is  someone comes to visit your home and that is the reason you often wonder for choosing a certain dish that is easy to prepare but very solemnly to invite guests. Well, The sour cabbage salad is a dish you can choose to reduce the workload considerably kitchen where guests are sure to love it!

Roast & Sauce

Roasting Bacon and Sauced with Mushroom

After many years, this is probably the busiest Tet little that I have. This time last year, was pleased about the meal warm memories his ancestors Public Apples hurry, it was already looking forward to get the agreement last week, gently, leaning ample leaning clouds of smoke. I’m not a person can live in haste, […]

Dessert, Dish Of The Day, Materials

Homemade corn milk

  Corn milk is a nutritious and rich beverage and delicious, and especially if you drink it when it’s cold, you will enjoy it to the fullest because of sweet and creamy and rich of the taste. You can drink it hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Today I will share with […]