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CABVIEW From the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway in Norway and images related to this theme.

CABVIEW From the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway in Norway

CABVIEW From the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway in Norway

car games mobile online and Share related to category.

Drivers/engineer/conductor/operators cab view from the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway in NORWAY. Rated as two of the most scenic and breathtaking railways in the world.

I’m taking you on a Virtual train travel view from the cab where you get to chat with like minded people.

You can find my videos from all seasons in 4K resolution here: Http://

The stream runs 24/7 and is updated with new videos.

Please be nice to each other!

If you want to join the Herd and chat in a safe environment you can join my Discord at:


– English/Norwegian only!
– The Youtube Community Guidelines
– Do not ask for subs
– Harassment, racism, bigotry and condescending behavior does not fly here, this includes usernames.
– NO personal questions, politics, religion, harassment, inappropriate usernames, racism and rudeness allowed.
– Do not spam/flood the chat
– Be nice, laid back and respectful to each other!

//mini FAQ
Q: Is this LIVE?
A: No, this stream is not true live because of LIABILITY. Imagine the legal backlash if I streamed a trespasser strike Live on YouTube. That would be a direct breach of the Community Guidelines (Violent and Graphic content) and Terms of Services. As well as the legal issues the company I work for and myself would face when viewers would take legal actions against us for being subjected to such content.

Q: Where is this?
A: These recordings are from the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway in Norway. Norway is a country in Scandinavia in northern Europe.

Q: Are you a Train Driver?
A: Yes, I work as a Train Driver/Engineer/operator on the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway.

The Bergen Line from Oslo to Bergen consist of:
The Drammen Line (Oslo – Drammen)
The South Line (Drammen – Hokksund)
The Randsfjord Line (Hokksund – Hønefoss)
The Bergen Line (Hønefoss – Voss)
The Voss Line (Voss – Bergen)

Watch other videos like this summer and winter:
○ CAB VIEW Bergen Line (Oslo – Bergen) summer and winter:
○ CAB VIEW Flåm Railway:
○ CAB VIEW Commuter Trains (Bergen – Voss – Myrdal):

The famous and scenic Flåm Line branches off the Bergen Line at Myrdal and goes down to Flåm. It’s the steepest adhesion normal gauge railway in Northern Europe with a grade of 55‰ (1:18).

🚄Bergen Line information:
🚞Flam Line information:
🚦Signaling information:
🚆Line information and speed:

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CABVIEW From the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway in Norway.

car games mobile online.

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