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🔴 DOOM Metal Music 24/7 Live Radio by SOLITUDE PRODUCTIONS and images related to this topic.

🔴 DOOM Metal Music 24/7 Live Radio by SOLITUDE PRODUCTIONS

🔴 DOOM Metal Music 24/7 Live Radio by SOLITUDE PRODUCTIONS

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DOOM Metal Music 24/7 Radio Live Stream Broadcast by SOLITUDE PRODUCTIONS
👉 Link to preorder THE MORNINGSIDE “Yellowed” vinyl –
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👉 SPOTIFY playlist here –
👉 We can only play the stuff released by our Label. If you want to submit your band go to
👉 Most of the stuff playing on the radio was released on CD, Vinyl and DIGITAL. If you really like some stuff consider buying it. Support underground!
👉 POST-METAL Radio from our friends SLOW BURN RECORDS

1st DOOM metal 24/7 radio from tremendous Solitude Productions vaults. You can discover here all kinds of doomy music from funeral doom to gothic doom metal, sludge, stoner etc. Keep rocking with us! Absolutely (no ads) free metal music experience for work or grief! Almost everything from label’s vaults and new music!

Solitude Productions and BadMoodMan Music is an important part of Doom metal scene and home of the finest bands in the genre including EA, DOOM:VS, FUNERAL, WHEN NOTHING REMAINS, COMATOSE VIGIL, EVADNE, WINE FROM TEARS, THE MORNINGSIDE, INTAGLIO, DOOMED, (ECHO) and many more!

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🔴 DOOM Metal Music 24/7 Live Radio by SOLITUDE PRODUCTIONS.

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