日本全国 緊急地震速報ライブ The Real-time Earthquake Alert Channel for Japan (Tokyo) | Experience weather alert on iphone Newly Updated

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日本全国 緊急地震速報ライブ The Real-time Earthquake Alert Channel for Japan (Tokyo) and images related to this topic.

日本全国 緊急地震速報ライブ The Real-time Earthquake Alert Channel for Japan (Tokyo)

日本全国 緊急地震速報ライブ The Real-time Earthquake Alert Channel for Japan (Tokyo)

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Thank you for watching this live channel. Based on the lessons learned from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, this live stream has been delivering comprehensive information on earthquakes in real time since 2012 for the purpose of mitigating earthquakes and saving lives. I feel that it is our mission to mourn the death of the person who died in the Great East Japan Earthquake and to convey the lessons learned to us living in the present. We also keep an eye on small daily earthquakes and constantly monitor whether they lead to large earthquakes. (Earthquake early warnings are limited to Japan, and overseas earthquake early warnings are not supported.) In addition, the radiation dose in Tokyo is displayed in real time. Impact of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident on March 12, 2011 (Displaying radiation dose in real time, at Tokyo) Caution) Missionary / political activities on chat are prohibited. Violators will be deleted. please. We will tell you faster than TV or email.

————————————————– ————————————————– ———————— ★ Notice ★ We may violate Article 17 of the Meteorological Service Act, so we forecast weather forecasts and earthquakes. Information on (typhoons, heavy rains, tornadoes, heat stroke, etc.) is not distributed on the screen. Only the result of earthquake information. * However, it is okay for only the moderator to reprint the weather forecast information from the Japan Weather Association on the chat. (General users are prohibited) —————————————— ——————————– Vibration under the blue background display in the center at the bottom of the screen It is a level number. With this number, you can see the degree of ground shaking in Japan as a whole. If the value exceeds 100, an earthquake is likely to occur. If CATION is displayed, it means that the probability of an earthquake has increased or that an earthquake has already occurred. ————————————————– ————————————————– ———————— <<< Notes in chat when an earthquake occurs >>> ▼ An important message is sent when an earthquake occurs Therefore, please do not speak unless you are a moderator. Thank you for your cooperation in disaster mitigation activities. If it is judged that the earthquake is of the earthquake level or similar, it will be performed in the low-speed 5-minute mode. * “Tokyo Disaster Prevention” distributed to all Tokyo residents This book is useful, so please read it for free. << Strict precautions regarding chat content >> ————————————– ———————————————— For chat When writing, discriminatory terms, broadcast prohibited terms, writing equivalent to unfounded hoaxes, writing that makes people uncomfortable such as criminal notices and obscene expressions, and telephone numbers that can identify a specific person・ Please note that viewers who have written their address and name (real name) will be deleted. Also, please note that other site guidance, dating purposes, guidance to your own channel, promotion, advertising, politics, religious activities, meaningless repetitive remarks and rants will be treated in the same way. * We may also notify you in the event of an emergency other than an earthquake disaster. Based on government announcements, we may send information in accordance with information control. Developed in collaboration with our company, it may time out or be hidden by AI monitoring. Accounts that are made up of accounts, duplicate logins due to compounding, and rough wording are also judged to be deleted. be careful. ————————————————– ————————————————– ———————————— ・ Earthquake Early Warning (for business use) ) When a seismic intensity of 4 to 5 or higher is entered, we will notify you by video and audio.・ When the countdown is displayed (pronounced), Nakano-ku, Tokyo is the standard. (The countdown time varies depending on the area where you live.) ・ The green dots on the Japanese map at the bottom left of the screen indicate the shaking of the ground. The closer it is to red, the more intense the shaking. Since the waveform screens in each area are based on 2gal, even a slight vibration that is not felt by a person often appears in the waveform, and daily vibration may be added and displayed. By observing the waveform on a daily basis, you can learn the characteristics depending on the location.・ The place where the voice announces “Pippi, increase in underground count” means that the ground is distorted. This is a place where earthquakes are likely to occur in the future. (It does not always happen immediately.) (Be careful when it is announced many times at the same place for a certain period of time.) ・ When the tsunami warning is broadcast and official information is sent, immediately escape to a hill. please. ▼ Radiation dose is also displayed in real time (lower right of the screen) ▼ → The displayed numbers are calculated by averaging the total value of β rays and γ rays. Normally, it is around 0.07 μSv / h. When a value of 0.15 or higher is displayed, high-concentration radiation is leaking into the environment from the nuclear power plant, so please wear a mask and stay in a closed house, and evacuate to another place when you are calm. .. → Radiation monitoring is in Nakano-ku, Tokyo. This dose value is not only for Nakano Ward, but also for Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, etc. → It is an environmental monitoring device manufactured by Polymaster. * Please note that if an Earthquake Early Warning is issued, the voice will be louder. * In the event of a life-threatening disaster, the damage status may be broadcast simultaneously using the broadcast audio of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation. (Because we have a mission to protect the people in the event of a disaster) This distribution is integrated and sent with permission from the following information providers. Japan Weather Association National Research and Development Corporation National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention Tokoro Japan Broadcasting Corporation (G1 Audio only) WEATHERNEWS INC. QIM6Pro Copyright © APC0225 2017-2021 Kiwi Monitor Copyright © 2007-2021 teeFiveproject Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ——– ——————————————— Thank always for watching this live channel. This live stream has been broadcasting the earthquake-related general information in real time since 2012 under the purpose of disaster mitigation and lifesaving, using Tohoku Earthquake in 2011 as a lesson. (Note that the earthquake information available here is limited to Japanese area and information for other area is not offered at this moment) For details, please click the URL below. #Emergency Earthquake Bulletin #Earthquake Live #earthquake #Disaster #Real Time #youtubelive #Disaster Mitigation #Evacuation Preparation #Earthquake #Great East Japan Earthquake.

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日本全国 緊急地震速報ライブ The Real-time Earthquake Alert Channel for Japan (Tokyo).

weather alert on iphone.

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