【LIVE】🇯🇵 Bullet Train Railroad Depot Live Camera of Tokaido Shinkansen in Osaka, Japan 4K 24/7 | Experience hayabusa 2020 Hottest

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【LIVE】🇯🇵 Bullet Train Railroad Depot Live Camera of Tokaido Shinkansen in Osaka, Japan 4K 24/7 and images related to this category.

【LIVE】🇯🇵 Bullet Train Railroad Depot Live Camera of Tokaido Shinkansen in Osaka, Japan 4K 24/7

【LIVE】🇯🇵 Bullet Train Railroad Depot Live Camera of Tokaido Shinkansen in Osaka, Japan 4K 24/7

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This is the Shinkansen live cam located in Settsu-city, Osaka, Japan, streaming for all day long. distribution may be disturbed due to maintenance etc. We can see the Main Line in front and the Torikai Depot in the back. In the depot, we can see Rail-Star and 500 series which run on Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen. At midnight, you can also see the performance of Shinkansen maintenance vehicles (rare) . The right side of the screen is for Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo, and the left side of the screen is for Shin-Osaka and Hakata. Reminder: This is not an official live cam owned by JR Central, meaning the live is on without their permission. Please be aware that there’s a chance that the livestream will stop for a specified time if there’s any request from JR or related organizations of JR.

Live camera being delivered ↓↓
Saitama (Saitama)
Mukomachi (Kyoto)
Minami-Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
※You can also see the Shinkansen on the Nippori Live Camera.
[Member Only] Nankai and JR 6 segment Live Camera

Secondary use
You may record or scrape the video and post it on SNS, but please make sure to include the name and URL.
Please do not use it for live streaming (live broadcasting) or monetization.
Please do not misuse or do anything that could be detrimental to the project.

Please subscribe to my channel.
👍 Please give us a high rating.

💴 I’ve started a membership. (①90 yen ②390 yen ③ 990 yen/month)

I’ll be back soon.

Homepage of Kumakumakuma Channel (Production and management Yacchannel In Japanese)

They upload the digest of rare trains that show up on the live cam↓↓

トレビデチャンネル (Torebide Channel)

1. Be respectful to others. Any kinds of harassments or discrimination are prohibited.
2. Don’t ask for subs for any kinds of websites, such as YouTube and WhatsApp. Also there should be no spam.
3. Using excessive amount of emojis are prohibited. In addition to it, please don’t post your personal info such as your home address, phone number, ID card etc.
4. Please try to stick to the train and related topics.
5. These rules apply to all livestream owned by this channel. Violation of any rules lead to timeout or ban.
6. Please contact one of the following if your account got banned and unbanned again or just want to ask personal questions. Unban request can only be through DM on Twitter:


Introduction of recommended equipment for this channel (to external site). For those who are thinking about the live distribution. search the for Japanese cameras

The purpose of the live cam is to enjoy it in their own ways. Distributor hopes that you will enjoy the feeling of seeing it “live” and use it as BGM for work and study, or just watching it for fun. To parents, if your child keeps commenting in the chat and distracted from studying, please contact one of two moderators, and we’ll deal with it. Please don’t get close to the place where cam is located since it’s not the distributor’s property. Some places are blurred due to safety issues, protecting people from being on the internet but please be aware that unpredicted things might happen. As prioritizing the safety of the camera, maintenance to be done sometimes. It takes few minutes to get maintenance to be done. The lens would be distracted when it’s raining/snowing as raindrops would be on it since the cam is located outside of the building. Also the bugs might distract the camera (This problem is already solved). Angle of the camera would be changed as the distributor changes decisions. The livestream is supported by YouTube ads. Your continued support will help the stream to be kept. If you’re interested, please hit like, subscribe and share the content with your friends and families. The distributor wouldn’t demand the viewers to Super Chat or meet the distributor in person any time. .

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【LIVE】🇯🇵 Bullet Train Railroad Depot Live Camera of Tokaido Shinkansen in Osaka, Japan 4K 24/7.

hayabusa 2020.

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