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【LIVE】鹿児島より Ocean Hotel Iwato 左方向(1F)カメラ(音あり) and images related to this article.

【LIVE】鹿児島より Ocean Hotel Iwato 左方向(1F)カメラ(音あり)

【LIVE】鹿児島より Ocean Hotel Iwato 左方向(1F)カメラ(音あり)

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From Ocean Hotel Iwato, an inn overlooking the sky and the sea in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, live streaming of the East China Sea and the coast of Makurazaki. Please note that it may not be visible due to backlight. The sound is a non-waterproof microphone (LEFON flat type, which is an inexpensive omnidirectional microphone). I installed a car wash sponge instead of the windshield. Also, since I brought the position of the microphone under the camera, it seems that there is no sound deviation. Suddenly, you may not be able to hear the sound due to salt damage. In that case, please let us know by chat. The sound is in stereo. You can see the image at night, but the image may flicker. Please note. This camera will be a camera that can be seen at night. ★ The shooting location is from the link here ★ ★ Homepage of Ocean Hotel Iwato 🏨 overlooking the sky and the sea ★[About chat]・ ・ ・ The content of the story is free. It is absolutely forbidden to slander (slander), slander, abuse, pick up, quarrel, vandalize, harass others, or infringe on the privacy or rights of others. In addition, we will respond to unpleasant remarks such as blocking (timeting out the user) or (not displaying the user of this channel). ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– —— ——————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ———— Live camera of Ocean Hotel Iwato, an inn overlooking the sky and the sea ————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————[LIVE]From Kagoshima Ocean Hotel Iwato Left direction (1F) Camera (with sound)[LIVE ]From Kagoshima Ocean Hotel Iwato Central direction (1F) Camera (with sound)[LIVE]From Kagoshima Ocean Hotel Iwato Right direction (roof) Camera (with sound)[LIVE]From Kagoshima Ocean Hotel Iwato Town direction (roof) Camera (sound) Yes)[LIVE]From Kagoshima Ocean Hotel Iwato Sea side right direction (emergency stairs) Camera (with sound)[Hotel front Yassie]From Kagoshima Ocean Hotel Iwato[4K LIVE]From Kagoshima Ocean Hotel Iwato (roof 4K camera) (with sound) )[LIVE]Makurazaki-city, Kagoshima, JAPAN –East China Sea (English version)[4K LIVE]Makurazaki-city, Kagoshima, JAPAN –East China Sea (English version)[Starry Sky LIVE]From Kagoshima, east of Ocean Hotel Iwato Sky————————————————- ————————————————– ————————————————– ——- —————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————— Limited release live (delivery is unstable, test delivery, etc.) —— ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————–[Live that swallow did not come but continues to be delivered]From Kagoshima Ocean Hotel Iwato[Test live]4 palms have been discontinued here. If you would like to continue to see it, we will deliver it on another site. Will be. Please subscribe to our channel (Southern starry). ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓[Click here to subscribe]↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ——————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ———————— ————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– —————————— * Nightbot has been introduced. If you enter a command in the chat field such as a simple greeting or weather information, the weather information of Makurazaki City will be answered automatically. Please note that in rare cases it may not respond.[Information on new features of Nightbot]For the live performance of Ocean Hotel Iwato, we have borrowed the Japanese version of Nightbot from HAKODATE LIVE CAMERA. We also support some multilinguals. Click here for HAKODATE LIVE CAMERA’s channel ➡ ◆ About the mechanism of the weather bot (This is the introduction page of Hakodate Live Camera) Details are ➡ * The content is for live camera distributors. * If you would like to introduce a weather bot, please contact us.[List of multilingual bot weather commands]・ What is the weather? (Japanese) Half-width Hatena ・ What is the weather? (Japanese) Full-width Hatena ・ weather? (English) ・ Tenki? (Chinese) ・ Tenga? (Chinese) ・ 날 씨는? (Korean) ・ погода? (Russian) ・ maxwind (English) ・ maxwind? English) ・ maximumwind (English) ・ maximumwind? (English)[Weather information bot]・ Weather bot The current weather is automatically answered. 🔶 Command: What is the weather? What is the weather?・ Several hours forecast bot Automatically answers forecasts every 2 hours. 🔶 Command: Hourly Forecast Hourly Forecast Is Hourly Forecast? Hourly Forecast?・ Weekly forecast bot Automatically answers 6-day forecasts. 🔶 Command: Weekly Forecast What is the Weekly Forecast? What is the Weekly Forecast?・ High tide low tide time bot Automatically answers high tide time, low tide time, water level, etc. 🔶 Command: Tide table Low tide High tide High tide Low tide What is the tide level? What is the tide level?・ Moon information bot Automatically answers the age of the moon and the time of the moonset. 🔶 Command: Month information What is the month information? What is the month information?・ Maximum instantaneous wind speed bot The maximum wind speed of the day is automatically answered together with the observation time. 🔶 Command: Maximum instantaneous wind speed What is the maximum instantaneous wind speed? What is the maximum instantaneous wind speed? -Precipitation bot Automatically answers the current precipitation and maximum value 🔶 Command: Precipitation What is the amount of precipitation? What is the amount of precipitation?[List of other Nightbots (words that automatically react) that can be used on this channel]🔷 88888 🔷 Good morning 🔷 Good morning 🔷 Hello 🔷 Hello 🔷 Good evening 🔷 Good evening 🔷 What time 🔷 What time 🔷 🔷 Good night 🔷 Good night 🔷 Tenki 🔷 Weather 🔷 The weather you want to know 🔷 What day is it today 🔷 Where is it today 🔷 What prefecture is Makurazaki 🔷 What prefecture is Makurazaki 🔷 What prefecture is Makurazaki? 🔷 First look 🔷 What is famous about Makurazaki 🔷 Kibaranumi 🔷 Beautiful 🔷 Fireworks display 🔷 Chabushi 🔷 Katsuobushi 🔷 Birthday 🔷 The weather you want to know (including half-width space) Place << No parentheses are needed. It only responds to the city >> 🔷 Good evening → ge 🔷 Good afternoon → gf 🔷 Good morning → gm 🔷 good night → gn 🔷 hello 🔷 hi 🔷 like 🔷 thanks 🔷 weather. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Live distribution device: (liveshell.pro) ------------------------------------------- --------------- Camera (Starlight Camera) Outdoor 2 Megapixel Bullet Camera with Color Night Vision Please note that it is close to the actual situation, but it is not the actual brightness. -------------------------- AHD Converter (Converts security camera video to VGA / HDMI) Portta Video Converter AHD → HDMI --- ———————– ————————– Microphone LEFON Flat type microphone Instead of the windshield, the microphone is put in while opening the center of the round shape of the wax sponge for car wash. -------------------------- ※ It may not be possible to play in some environments of Windows7 and Internet Explorer 11. * Please try “Google Chrome” recommended by YouTube. * Delivery may be interrupted due to network congestion. * It may end in a hurry due to circumstances. note that. * You are free to use the video. #Hotel Iwato #Makurazaki #Live #Ocean Hotel Iwato #Sunset Live #Special Live #Kagoshima Prefecture #Makurazaki City #Japan #Nature #Sea #East China Sea #Wave Sound #Wave.

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#LIVE鹿児島より #Ocean #Hotel #Iwato #左方向1Fカメラ音あり.


【LIVE】鹿児島より Ocean Hotel Iwato 左方向(1F)カメラ(音あり).

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