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Радио "Модель для сборки" and images related to this theme.

Радио "Модель для сборки"

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# MDS #ModelForAssembly Animated audio version of the stories of the program “Model for Assembly” Donat for the development of the channel “Model for Assembly” – a cult Russian radio show, has been on the air since 1995. One of the most famous radio shows in the segment of copyright programs in the Moscow FM band and specialized Internet resources. MDS is a literary and musical symbiosis, consisting of the best works of Russian and foreign prose, predominantly of the fantastic genre, accompanied by a sound series of the best trends in modern electronic music. The trademark sound of “Model” is achieved thanks to the acting talent and “professional” voice of the author of the program and permanent reader Vlad Kopp, combined with the musical taste of experienced disc jockeys – Mikhail Gabovich and Andrey Addison, who, with their mixes, immerse the listener in the depth of the story and create the right atmosphere of perception for real audio gourmets. “Model for Assembly” is a unique, distinctive commercial radio product designed for the widest audience. Today, the MDS program has a steadily growing popularity and has a huge number of fans both in Russia and abroad. Links to donate Leave in the comments questions in our group in the telegram t.me/tpyxa_art.

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Радио "Модель для сборки".

you tube to mp3 conversion.

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