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Dish Of The Day, Mixed Salad

Cabbage salad with Chicken

Today I cleaned my refrigerator, I saw a chicken that its meat is tough in a corner sad way, I had to take it to boil. Part of it, I make salad, the other part of it, I cook porridge. Chicken with cabbage salad easy to make, easy to eat, especially in summer. Preparations for […]

Fried Dish, Materials, Recipes, Seafood

Fried Prawn salted egg sauced

I especially love the seafood, they really fresh, delicious, bold salty as good as the taste of the sea. These food ingredients derived from seafood always brings a lot of flavor in dishes like fresh shrimp taste combined with savory saltiness of salted egg yolk and sour taste of the vinegar and oil, this dish […]

Steam & Stew

Stewed Bamboo Shoot with Pork Legs

Winter, sometimes I almost suddenly crave some soup from bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoot soup is one of the soup leeway best prepared. Therefore we usually store a few cooked meals. These materials combine cook together, at one expected it as an article of food folk medicine. Shoots are often considered “something not good for health”, but in […]

Bakery Recipe

Pig Skin Cake

The weather has not completely switch to summer but It’s hot sunny, currently I have a lot of homework needs to solve in a short time. So I feel very tired, but this recipe is the result of one times to visit my grandmother. However fatigue caused the lazy. So that is until today I […]

Grilled Dishes, Main Course, Materials, Pork, Recipes

Bacon Rolling Pumpkin

Bacon barbecue is a dish often found in the breakfast, but if we cleverly use other materials accompanying it will make a very attractive dish. Today I will use pumpkin to roll with slices of bacon. All will create an artistic work. This is a simple dish, easy to rework delicious. Place pumpkin unconsolidated soft, […]