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Fried Prawn salted egg sauced

I especially love the seafood, they really fresh, delicious, bold salty as good as the taste of the sea. These food ingredients derived from seafood always brings a lot of flavor in dishes like fresh shrimp taste combined with savory saltiness of salted egg yolk and sour taste of the vinegar and oil, this dish […]

Fried Dish, Materials, Recipes, Seafood

Fried Scallop With Sweet Potato

I have unforgettable memories with a scallop dish. When you and I first started dating standard together, he invited me to a party at a luxury restaurant. Perhaps because I was so excited and tension in the meeting that either my overwhelmed before the delicious food in a restaurant that I’ve spilled sauce dish of […]

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Grilled Scallop and Salty Ginger

Scallop is one of the famous specialties of the sea Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan. This species is native oysters, hidden under layers of sand and coral. Anyone who has ever traveled here, certainly can not miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicious delicacy. But today we will together processed seafood dishes very attractive.

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Fried squid Pineapple sauce

In summer, there is nothing happier than enjoying the cool sour dishes with ingredients from seafood. Squid is one of the favorite ingredients of our family on every occasion we gathered do but barbecue. Today my mother is given a pineapple from her friends. It occurred to me the inspiration to find something new for […]

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Fried of Balling Cockles

Blood Cockles is a material with high nutritional value, blood tonic, is processed into a variety of dishes like scallops poached, steamed clams, cockles sautéed beef, oyster soup. But today I will show you a very novel dishes from this kind of seafood.