Beef, Sauté (Fry-Stir)

Saute western bitter with Beef

If during this week that you can go to the market or supermarket which incidentally saw western bitter , then you do not forget to do the dishes the purchase of Suffering through today.Beef is sautéed very softy, crunchy and sweet melon, to make sure that your family meals more palatable.

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Beef Rolling “Phở”

No doubt, pho is inherently the most famous dish of Vietnam, pho has been put into poetry and song of the leading artists of our country. However noodle is known by everyone in the world is a noodle soup served with broth. We also need to make “rolling” Pho became a dish like that because […]

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Grilled Beef With Lemon Juice

Usually when we eat a bowl of beef noodle soup, we usually add a little drop of lemon juice. This enables is even more delicious dishes and reduce the “stiff” sweetness of seasoning or the salty. Lemon also works identically with grilled beef. But familiar roast beef prepared with spicy accompanied, especially water squeezed from lemon […]

Beef, Steam & Stew

Perilla Steamed Beef

Not just delicious herbs, perilla also commonly used medicinal plants in traditional medicine. Dishes prepared from vegetable perilla as appealing as it is the drug or to the natural sweetness of the flesh occur subsequently combined with crunchy black mushrooms and shiso leaf makes food becomes extremely attractive.