Steam & Stew

Steam & Stew

Stewed Bamboo Shoot with Pork Legs

Winter, sometimes I almost suddenly crave some soup from bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoot soup is one of the soup leeway best prepared. Therefore we usually store a few cooked meals. These materials combine cook together, at one expected it as an article of food folk medicine. Shoots are often considered “something not good for health”, but in […]

Pork, Steam & Stew

Steamed Ribs with Ginger

Ribs are a lot of nutritional ingredients and are used frequently in your family’s meals. Small pieces steamed ginger ribs tasty, soft flavor, not too sweet and sour. It’s dried besides a manner consistent with your appetite so that you could eat as much as possible and no feeling of bored.

Steam & Stew

Wine Steamed Red tilapia

Red tilapia is a fish very familiar to those who love to cook. But today I will instruct you and meticulously detailed with different ways of processing the fish will become a very tasty dish, you will not feel bored while eating it.

Beef, Steam & Stew

Perilla Steamed Beef

Not just delicious herbs, perilla also commonly used medicinal plants in traditional medicine. Dishes prepared from vegetable perilla as appealing as it is the drug or to the natural sweetness of the flesh occur subsequently combined with crunchy black mushrooms and shiso leaf makes food becomes extremely attractive.