Sauté (Fry-Stir)

Eggs, Sauté (Fry-Stir)

Egg Noodles Saute

For busy families, preparing a meal tasty and fast again just not that simple. To solve that problem, recipes egg fried noodles is presented below will definitely help you. And noodles are also an ideal choice for this dish.

Beef, Sauté (Fry-Stir)

Saute western bitter with Beef

If during this week that you can go to the market or supermarket which incidentally saw western bitter , then you do not forget to do the dishes the purchase of Suffering through today.Beef is sautéed very softy, crunchy and sweet melon, to make sure that your family meals more palatable.

Sauté (Fry-Stir), Vegetarian

Mushrooms sauteed with water mimosa

On summer days, the hot weather make you feel like a crazy. Well, the delicious dishes from vegetables are always favored by people. Food is not only delicious, but also to ensure health in summer day for you, you should avoid high-fat foods will make you hotter. So mushrooms sauteed with water mimosa will be my choice to […]

Sauté (Fry-Stir)


Poached dishes appear to have characteristics frugal and retain the natural flavor of the ingredients, it’s hard to find another technique that suits summer more than poaching. I especially like the poached salmon – red-orange fish meat, very charming, rich in flavor, doesn’t require sophisticated processing and it’s still delicious. Salmon is  poached in white […]