Grilled fish with banana leaves

Grilled fish with banana leaves are a delicacy rustic nature and the countryside, it is loved by the majority of farmers or those who prefer an elegant life in rural villages. Outer layer of banana leaf package increases aroma when baking, fish inherent sweetness. Easy to make dishes and rustic part of this will be the excellent choice for the weekend of your family.

– Scad or snakehead fish, big fish if you use the first child, small fish are from 2 to 3 children
– Spices marinated fish: dried onion, salt, seasoning, pepper, sesame oil, cooking oil, turmeric powder and scallions
– The seasoning sauce: 2 slices of pineapple to taste, 1 cup full of seasoning sauce baby, sugar, garlic, chilies and lemon
– Khe, green banana, pineapple, served with fragrant knotweed
– Bun and pancakes to book
– Banana leaves and roasted peanuts.
– Fish cleaned, if the Scale scaly fish thoroughly, departed a few small lines on the fish. Fish marinated mixed phase: a small spoon of turmeric, finely chopped onions, two teaspoons of salt, half a teaspoon seasoning, pepper, a little sesame oil, vegetable oil and mix, using hands and spread mixture into chilled meat the fish, marinated within 3-4 hours.
– Pineapple peeled, cut pineapple eyes.
Pureed or finely chopped pineapple.
Garlic, crushed chilies.
– Mix the mashed pineapple, add the garlic, chilli, sugar bowl seasoning sauce. Because so very salty seasoning sauce added sugar, salt and sugar and mix tan seasoning sauce, seasoned to taste again, squeezed into a few drops of lemon seasoning sauce bowl.
– Khe washed, cut fringe, cut length.
Pineapple cut out eyes, cut length.
Green banana crop circle, soaked in water so as not to penetrate Europe.
Laksa leaves, green onions washed, put on the drain basket.
Vermicelli quilted boiling water, drain to the basket.
– Fish, chilled, sealed in banana leaves, roasted in charcoal until fragrant ripe banana leaves outside, if you use your big fish before baking Steamed fish about 3-5 minutes to fish but not burned outside the meat inside is not cooked. Without charcoal grill you can in the oven, 180 ° C temperature from 40 to 45 minutes.
– Finely chopped green onions, add a little vegetable oil, into the microwave for 30 seconds to act turned nine. Basting spoon mixture and peanuts cooking oil on the surface of the fish.
– Fish after basting roast and onions and peanut oil, clean the tables, served with seasoning sauce, star fruit and vegetables together, add noodles and rolling with pancakes.

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