Fried Prawn salted egg sauced

I especially love the seafood, they really fresh, delicious, bold salty as good as the taste of the sea. These food ingredients derived from seafood always brings a lot of flavor in dishes like fresh shrimp taste combined with savory saltiness of salted egg yolk and sour taste of the vinegar and oil, this dish brings a sense of fun for the family weekend.

– 12 of Big Shrimps (Prawns) (about 400g)
– Salt Eggs: 2 eggs
– Onions
– Thin cell Onion, Scallion
– Watercress, cherry tomato
– Salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil
– Rice Vinegar
– Powder coated crispy Drier

1. Pre-processing
– Shrimp give only his back, seepage drain.
– Salted boiled eggs, finely taken yolk. Chopped green onion. Onions thin cell, rinse water, drain.
– Mix oil and vinegar: mix 2M water, rice vinegar 1.5M, 2M sugar, cooking oil 1M, 1m cell onion, 1 / 2m salt, 1 / 2m target.

2. Fried Shrimp
– Heat the cooking oil, turn the shrimp are coated with the dry impregnated powder Aji-Quick fried, then fried golden chin, out and drain oil.
– 3M Heat the cooking oil, the fried salted egg yolk, shrimp into shock quickly, sprinkle with scallions and remove from the heat 1m.

3. Usage
– For shrimp dish with watercress, tomato, onion and dressing. Dots lemon salt and pepper together.

4. Tips
Select cards silver shrimp because thin skin, tasty and absorbent dish will spice salted egg sauce hon.Xao with cotton oil to marinade well.

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