Skirt steak is a cut of beef steak from the plate. It is long, flat, and prized for its flavor rather than tenderness. It is not to be confused with flank steak, a generally similar adjacent cut nearer the animal’s rear quarter.Both the inside and outside skirt steak are the trimmed, boneless portion of the diaphragm muscle attached to the 6th through 12th ribs on the underside of the short plate. This steak is covered in a tough membrane that should be removed before cooking.
The inside skirt steak is often confused with the flank steak which is the tail of the porter house and T-bone steaks of the short loin found on the flank. It has similar cooking properties.


4 tbsp virgin olive oil.

1 sweet corn.

100g cherry tomato, halved.

1 yellow bell peppers, seeded and cut into 6 pieces.

1 red bell peppers, seeded and cut into 6 pieces.

1 bunch coriander, chopped lie.

½ lemon, juiced.

Raw beef rib meat 800g chestnut foundation.

4 tsp Mc.Cormick Steak Seasoning.

Sea Salt Grinder Mc.Cormick.

Black Peppercorn Grinder Mc.Cormick.


Marinate steak with 2 tbsp Mc.Cormick Steak Seasoning and olive oil, rub the mixture all over the surface of meat. At room temperature for about 1 hour to infuse.

Bbq furnace, light your fire. Grilled corn, peppers and tomatoes on the edge of the brazier until tender, remember back flip and grill about 4-5 minutes to 4-5 minutes, the meat will reach moderate reproducibility. Heat strongest central portion, for grilling meat. Turn the meat when cooked to brown.

When vegetables are done, slice into cubes, cut corn kernels from the cob.

To make salsa: Mix lemon juice and remaining oil together, sprinkle this mixture on grilled vegetables were finely chopped, add the cilantro and mix well.

Let the meat rest for 10 minutes, then cut into thin slices of meat on a clean cutting board for presentation. Pour corn salsa on top the complete the dish.

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