Pomegranate syrup for the summer

Summer is the season of drinks and snacks cool makes us numb tongue. By having this new withstand inclement weather as today. Hot in the fire !!! Along with the strengthening of yogurt to increase resistance to everyone in the family, we need to add more fruits and vegetables provide vitamin C to protect health.

The most important thing is we need to have plenty of cool drinks to cool the body which is being fueled inferno, water evaporates to this withered. Must strengthen not just drink water to compensate for the amount of sweat but also the delicious juice cool. For example syrup, What’s delicious syrup ? – Answer this type which is also delicious, each with a different flavor characteristics. If anyone ever drank pomegranate syrup is indeed hard to forget the delicious aroma characteristic of it. Simple way, as long as there is pomegranate and sugar – of course available in the cupboard;)


3-4 big pomegranates (about 1kg)
500g – 1kg sugar

Tools: Bottle / glass jars with lids


Select bottles / glass jars with lids, washed, boiled or rinsed boiling water to kill bacteria. More careful then dried in an oven. Vial must be clean and dry when making pomegranate wine and pomegranate syrup delicious new, no scum or grow mold. Was broken to lose the pour them and pity: P
Pomegranate and pomegranate syrup wine differing only in time diced pickled with sugar only, want wine, it is necessary to ferment long time. Sugar to make syrup to soak into the custom grenade each family’s interests. If one likes, you can use a formula for the syrup of pomegranate and pomegranate wine pomegranate that is ratio: sugar is 1: 1 (on the need 1kg diced 1kg sugar)
pomegranate syrup

Because pomegranate syrup or do any kind of syrup to drink I do not like to too much sugar, not good for health: P Do syrup in a short time, only about 1 week to 2 weeks is no water for mixing drinks syrup delicious and refreshing. But so long have flooded grenade in the street, lots of it can avoid the damage quickly, so do rates as the pomegranate wine (1: 1)
Cup of pomegranate seeds bowl aside.
4- diced

Balance pomegranate and pomegranate rata road: the road is 2: 1 (every 1kg diced 500g sugar is needed).

5. diced Shelling

Contact diced into glass jars, put a layer of diced themselves to spread a layer of sugar on top. Just do it until the jar is full.
6. Pomegranate soaked road

Sprinkle a layer of sugar contained in the top layer.

Use clingwrap sealed glass bottle again, then closed the lid

To cool place, after 1 week is pomegranate syrup to drink delicious ice maker, delicious.

The rate of pomegranate seeds: sugar is 1: 1
Pomegranate syrup jars for longer time, about 3 months with pomegranate wine to drink. Need to use newspaper or foil sealed bottle kept in drawers or dinner, the wine will taste better.
Time to pomegranate wine as long as the wine delicious. Half a year is extremely delicious wine.
Pomegranate wine can be used to make bread is excellent.

I’m going to spend Christmas to invite friends and relatives along with to spend a bit to make Christmas cake will be delicious. Do not know until then do not wait anymore;)

Hot summer drink pomegranate syrup that is still nothing. Water mixed with water to cool syrup into a glass, add a few drops squeezed lemon juice, lemon slices to cut into, stir well to balance the sweet and sour taste. If yes, then cut mint leaves added, without also okay. Cool like hearts and livers guts anymore, then drop a few ice cubes into. Instant heat vanish, it’s great: P

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