Fried Scallop With Sweet Potato

I have unforgettable memories with a scallop dish. When you and I first started dating standard together, he invited me to a party at a luxury restaurant. Perhaps because I was so excited and tension in the meeting that either my overwhelmed before the delicious food in a restaurant that I’ve spilled sauce dish of fried scallops on top of him. So there scallops dish is always an iconic dish for our love until now. Fried scallops dish is a delicious dish, attractive, used as an appetizer or as Finger Food dishes in cocktail parties or family meals also very affordable.


– 200g large scallops
– Fleshed sweet potato 400g
– Top of minced onion
– Used together: salad, herbs, sweet and sour sauce
– Pepper, cooking oil
– Fried seafood flour.

How to cook

– Scallops washed, squeezed dry, chilled 1 / 3m pepper, white onion 1 meter head.
– Sweet potatoes peeled, chopped fiber cells.
– Mix flour: fried seafood Hoa Aji Quick with water as directed on the package.
– Place potatoes into the mold, the scallops on top, sprinkle flour on the scallops are covered.
– Heat the cooking oil, fried scallops browned, take out and drain oil.
– Ratings scallop dish with lettuce, herbs, eating sweet and sour fish sauce.

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