Grilled Scallop with Mango Sauce

Summer is filled by the sun and wind, here we have a separate definition for ourselves in the sun and wind. It’s summer in the sea. So there are things in the ocean. Shrimp? Crab of the KING or Fish, Fish Sauce (Oh No of Christ!)? Squid? A lot, but not enough. The tiny creatures, but attractive with our mouths of intense cravings and our food. A vivid example is that most baked scallops. Summer is also no shortage of mangoes. Mangoes big and plump, you throw all away. Choose the tiny and sweet mango. Why that? It’s Simply because they not fit to the dishes this- You should use cones to scallops. At the shop would sell fresh frozen scallops cones, cups peeled and cleaned. Before using, you naturally thawed, squeezed to drain slightly.

– 400g cones of scallops
– 1 mango fruit
– 1 chilies horns
– 1/4 bowl of vinegar
– 1 tbsp sugar
– 1/5 tablespoon salt
– 1 tablespoon of seasoning
– 1/5 tablespoon pepper
– 1 tablespoon butter
– 3/4 tablespoon garlic
– 1/4 tablespoons dried chives Coffee
– 1 small parsley
– Bamboo skewers.
– Considered scallops washed, drained, marinated in seasoning, dried herbs, pepper, to about 15 minutes for permeability spices. Use bamboo skewers cones of scallops on skewers, about 3 cones / oblique.
– Heat the butter in the pan, the less non-aromatic garlic. Next, the fried scallops on gold. Take the scallops out, grill surface for aromatic flavor profile, or are not burnt hand to oysters.
– Mix the vinegar, sugar, salt, seasoning to taste again.
– Mango peeled, washed, drained, diced, then mixed with vinegar added sugar. add pepper and chopped parsley, mix well.
– Grilled scallops served with mango salad. This dish used as a new hot scallops delicious. You should choose a ripe mango medium to the mix not being crushed.

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