Salad dried beef with bamboo shoots

When traveling to Hanoi, the foreign tourists often feel awkward, but very excited with the salad which are often sold at outrageous at sidewalk. The reason is that its taste very “noble”, sour, sweet. All create a feeling of euphoria for the guests. Today I would like to guide you the salad dried beef with bamboo shoots . This is a bold change of material, which makes you can surprise with their finished products.

– 400g bamboo shoots
– 100g dried cow
– 100g tray
– A few basil branch
– 2 red peppers horn
– 25g roasted sesame
– 25g roasted peanuts
– Lemon juice 100ml
– 100g sugar
– 50ml fish sauce
– 1 Dried garlic.
– Small chop bamboo shoots, blanched with boiling water, squeezed the water, drain.
– Improving sprouts, basil wash, drain.
– Horn peppers seeded and take half crushed, the rest julienne.
– Lac pounding slightly crushed, peeled garlic, shredded pulped chopped bring.
– Shredded dried beef.
– Make the mix: Mix sugar, lemon juice, garlic chili sauce and then add crushed into.
– Next, mix cement with improved sprouts, basil, peppers julienne horns, water 15 minutes to infuse mannequin. Then great-dropping water, mix beef jerky, peanuts and sesame.

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