The cooking sauce of Goby

Already a long time I did not fish sauce, perhaps from the winter. Since the summer, my family did not regularly eat sauce. Today it’s still hot 35 degrees, after I opened the fridge took a frozen store, pull out the drawer and look at what to look for, I “caught” just a bag of frozen goby. A sudden urge to eat boiled vegetables braised fish of all kinds. Hot food such case at all. But I do not care, brought out every processing. Once everything is complete, I will prepare fruit vegetables, sun suddenly emerged sudden thunderstorms, rain so loud: D … Sure it rained for about 3 minutes to stop. Drought during the first week that “God” only has a few raindrops, I feel lost interest too. Afternoon sun also human discretion, the right to fence rain rice meal … real cool too dyke fence, opened the window and eat rice with braised goby, delicious jubilantly ^^


+ 500g goby (fresh or frozen) (possibly replaced by loaches, tilapia)
+ 1 dried onion, 1 small ginger branch
+ 1 tbsp water line (colored sugar water distillation)
+ 2 tbsp vegetable oil
+ Scallion, 2-3 hot peppers
+ Spices: fish sauce, salt, seasoning / seasoning, sugar, pepper, vinegar


– Dried onion peeled, finely chopped. Peeled ginger, julienne. Scallions left the roots, wash, cut a small circle.
– Fish truss cold water rinse once, for the brass. Sprinkle 1 tsp salt 2 tbsp vinegar + squeezed into clean lubricant. Rinse with cold water and repeat once or twice until the viscosity goby’s gone.
– Ratings goby into pan / pot / or clay pots, the more delicious 🙂 Sprinkle the shallots, ginger, onions and white head upward. Spicy: sprinkle 1 tbsp fish sauce 1 tbsp + are around every water (can add fuel to the beautiful thing) + 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1/3 tsp sugar + 1/3 tsp salt + / soup + 1/4 tsp seasoning / seasoning. Chopped peppers or whole fruit.

– Cover, put on the stove, add 2 tbsp boiling water into pot fish warehouses, boil, lower the small fire. To fish bones are tender security must be at least 1 hour, if time permits longer able to. At first swung up to nine individuals have brittle bones, sometimes holding two straps inside the pot, on your left leaning absorbed seasoning fish section above.
– After 45 minutes – 1 hour, then parted brandishing pot, boil until thick is shallow.

### Note: If you want fast food, then chatting with the fish warehouses water bowl (can be used to put a delicious boiled vegetables), turn on loud kitchen, steam lid for quick fly. There are times they just parted brandishing olive Riu until fish is dry bones are tender, tasty lém 🙂

– Turn off stoves, pepper and sprinkle with chopped onion leaves little uphill.

Lay out the disc.

Insurance spicy peppers spicy, ginger, fragrant smell of pepper, onion, color attractive beautiful cockroach wings, baby goby beige, leopard eating fatty, fleshy edible fleshy bones back … it was wonderful

Braised goby is rustic dishes that are extremely brought rice. When eaten with steamed rice combined with mixed vegetables cooked just the cool bar with family meals. Vegetables can be great sauce fish warehouse.

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