Red Gold, the Tomato Festival in Piacenza, Italy (part 2)

These initiatives have the task of sow the Piacenza knowledge and make it fruitful in time. The results, though they will be in the immediate future, will come in the long run. These are investments on our products to get to promote our territory and our values outside.
We welcome with enthusiasm the decision to create a major event centered on this production so that the history and the tradition connected to them can finally land on the national stage and Piacenza can be recognized through the identification in Red Gold. Tomato production has historically played a prominent role in the agricultural economy of our province. From the late 1800s with specialization in production and later in the early 1900s with the first industrial settlements, Piacenza is tomato. The climate and the passion of entrepreneurs have consolidated this vocation over the years and have allowed the development of know-how in production and transformation. But this success is linked to a double thread with so many actors of the same story, so at this festival we will be launching an extraordinary chain of messages that can develop synergies in favor of the world of production and consumers. For all the cultures of Piacenza, But especially for the tomato, water is a vital resource for life and the Consortium has always accompanied it with its network of channels in the fields of our farms so that it transforms into this extraordinary Red Gold that characterizes us as a productive territory. The hope is that a major event such as this can be even more and better to put collective and shared focus on what to do to preserve and to improve the peculiar characteristics of the tomato so that it increases its economic value and quality, yet it already takes.
 Product organization also plays a key role in ensuring stability in programming not only agronomic but also financial for tomato producers. For this reason, industry is an actors of a quality chain that works according to the rules to better protect farmers’ income saying precision farming and new irrigation techniques, means free technical assistance aimed at better use of the media Technicians, really, added value for a territory and for its economy.

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