Sauced Chicken with Pickled radish

This is a very attractive dish of the evening meal in the winter. Lightly salty taste of pickled radish, mildly sour taste of mayonnaise, sauces and specialties that match, all blended together they create a perfect recipe for weekend meals your family. Please join me in the small kitchen to perform this dish!

– Chicken thighs: 500g
– Pickled radish: 300g
– Scallions: 5 branches
– Minced onion, minced garlic, chili horns
– Cooking oil, pepper, sugar
– seasoning
– mayonnaise

1. Pre-processing:
– Chicken leg cut into bite size pieces. Marinate 1 / 3m pepper, 1 / 2m seasoning Aji-ngon®, 1M minced garlic juice.
– Peppers horn cut diamond shape. Scallions cut, hit the jackpot.
– Beet salt water soak, wash and rinse several times, squeezed dry, thinly sliced, soaked in water for 15 minutes to continue to the end of salty, squeezed dry.

2. Implementation:
– Put the pan on the stove, fried crispy golden chicken, fish out and drain oil.
– Non-aromatic garlic, pickled radish for the pot, stir-fried with sugar 2m. Continue for chicken, add 1 cup of water, a small fire about 10 minutes warehouses for cooked chicken. 2/3 chicken parts and water is shallow horn peppers and scallions into. Finally for 2M mayonnaise “Aji-mayo” stirring. Turn off heat.

3. How to use:
– Place chicken dish, decorated with horn peppers and remaining scallions. Serve hot with rice.

small Tip
– The juice of garlic marinated chicken to chicken to not burn during frying.
– Soak discharged several times and squeezed dry to reduce the salinity of pickled radish.

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