Apple strudel – The end of the hunting season

Went hunting or fishing, just missing apple picking can be temporarily regarded as a typical enough things that everyone have often done in Europe in period of late Autumn to the beginning of the Winter. Apple tree can be found easily anywhere on this continent, It’s robust and white flowers bloom on the branches in the first days of the House and Autumn is the time when the ball laden stretch nitrite results in the canopy leaves. The apples of different varieties seem to carry a separate, full-color shades peel green, red, yellow with enough how “dithering” of nature creating different details. Apple picking season in Europe is much less busy hunting season, in fact the apple pickers still wider group of hunters many times. Apples everywhere, on the branches, the ground and rolling in the basket of the children are running around, playing among the trees swaying in the sun, in the wind.

Apple offers a wealth of meaning behind the normal appearance. Ancient Germans believe the World Tree is a giant tree, with roots iron, copper and silver leaf branches – where the soul looking for, is a symbol of rebirth. In Greek legend, the apple is considered a symbol of beauty, Prince Paris gave the apple to Aphrodite, meant that she agreed to the most beautiful goddess of Olympus in exchange for the most beautiful woman world – Helen. So a little thing caused the Trojan War long time, consuming ink paper bag. Later, the story of Adam and Eve, the apple in the Garden of Eden is the embodiment of temptation and sin. In addition, it is also assigned to this fruit has countless different meanings. I do not know what you see in the apple: health or immortality? wealth or wisdom? For me as a basket of apples waiting for you on the kitchen table, the only one of its meanings is: it was time to make Apfelstrudel.

The Germans did not have many famous dishes and popular around the world, Apfelstrudel is one of them. After the constant military conflict to regain the European territory was occupied by the Turks, the Austrian empire of the Habsburg Dynasty came to its peak in the eighteenth century. And acculturation, including cuisine is inevitable when the new territory were also merged under the influence of Turkish culture in a few decades time occupation. Strudel was launched as westernized version of Baklava cakes of Turkey. Flour mixed with oil and water, sheets and laminates such as fruits encase’s part, is spiced with cinnamon and roasted yellow with a scent hard to resist – that’s what people remember to remind typical cakes Austria’s cuisine or rather the territory of each of the Austrian empire. Northern Italy, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Romania and other countries in the Balkan Peninsula strudel possess their own dishes combining the flavors of each place.

In all these versions, I still felt like the most classic Apfelstrudel of Wien. The thin crust, crunchy and chewy outside a little chewy on the inside, wrapped neatly taken soft apple, sweet, bold warm cinnamon. I still bake Strudel when the cold wind bit astray on by other scents that bring to mind. I am fully aware that they are in Hanoi, but the scent pervades the kitchen to tell this other thing, it smells like a typical coffee shop on the main street in the city of Vienna. It is the taste I still remember the first time set foot in this city, a feeling overwhelmed by the vanity of the capitalist Western world by Budapest – where I lived was still gray colors a country in Eastern Europe after the cold war. Humans tend to look beautiful moments in my life in one way or another, that is the reason for the Apfelstrudel batch oven in my kitchen: to remind ourselves that Vienna is a splendid place, Traditional What flowers to give.


  • Phyllo flour:
    – Multi-purpose flour 150g.
    – 100 ml of warm water.
    – 1.5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil.
    – A pinch of salt.
    – 1/2 tsp lemon juice.
  •  Artificial:
    – 50g butter.
    – 1 medium-sized bread, grinding debris.
    – 5 tbsp sugar.
    – 1/2 tsp cinnamon.
    – 1 tbsp black raisins, soaked in rum and squeezed dry.
    – 500g apples (I like to use such type of sour Granny Smith) *, seeded and sliced.
    – 20 g butter, melted and Powdered sugar.
  • Gelato al Vaniglia:
    – 350 ml whipping cream
    – 150 ml fresh milk.
    – 150g sugar.
    – A vanilla fruit, cut lengthwise, remove the seeds scraped.

Now let’s cook!

*** Making the Gelato al Vaniglia:
– Mix the milk, cream and sugar together, bring to the boil, then north from the kitchen light.
– Mix the vanilla to the mixture, stir to dissolve them, for 30 minutes to cool, then sealed again, keep in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
– Pour into gelato machines and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. gelato store in sealed container in the freezer 4 hours to get the desired hardness.

*** Making the Phyllo flour:
– On the stone table, pour the batter into a volcano shape (concave center), add water, lemon juice and oil in the hollow section. Take the flour gradually mixing plate with fluid in the middle section. Lemon juice is a factor “softening” gluten, making dough thinner decals.
– Knead dough by hand until smooth but still moist, add more water if the dough is too dry and too flabby. Beating powder onto the table to accelerate the process of creating gluten, very important to create the dough elasticity.
– Rim the powder, apply a thin layer of oil on top and sealed again, so at room temperature for 1 hour.
– Divide dough into 3 parts, powder coat non-stick sprayed the table, using rolling plant, partially rolled out dough. Should officials from the center of the corners.
– After you have rolled as much as possible, use the back of the hand to stretch dough, from the center out to the edge. Standards need to thin phyllo flour to the point, if to a newspaper after powder layer, you can read through it in newspaper headlines. Cut off the sharp edge of the square.

*** Artificial:
– Melt 50g of the butter over medium heat, add bread crumbs and hiked up the heat, stir until the crumbs turn golden brown. Pour into a bowl.
– Mix cinnamon, raisins, sugar and bread crumbs when warm, to cool down and mix in the same apple.
– Pay attention when cutting small apple: so clean, so as the housing shell has a very characteristic aroma, each one different apple varieties, very interesting. When cut apple out, soak in salt water or even with a few drops of lemon juice to prevent brown.

*** Strudel:
– Preheat oven to 180 ° C temperature for 10 ‘.
– Spread the mixture into the dough so that workers covered 1/2 leaf powder (in length).
– Roll the dough as rolling rolls. Note on hand tight. You can do a little dance for the strudel by cutting about 1/3 of the final dough piece into small strips and woven together on the cake after the book. After rolling each round, use 1/2 of the butter melt and form a thin layer on top of cake flour will help clarify and better delamination.
– Use 1/2 of melted butter, knead all the cakes.
– Bake in 30 minutes, then knead the egg whites to cake and left to bake an additional 5 ‘to create color.
– When cooked, for about 5 minutes to cool and down to color, cut into slices about 3 cm thick, served with vanilla gelato.

Wish you successful with this recipe!

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