Fried chicken wings with Satay

Fried chicken wings will be raised by a new level with the taste of satay fragrant, it provides an impressive feeling to the guests, it is well suited for weekend meals your family. We invite you to go along to the kitchen to perform this dish now!

Chicken wings: 3 female
Shrimp satay: 2M
Soaked dried shrimp, crushed: 20g
Scallions: 5 stalks
Minced garlic
Sliced ​​peppers
Cooking oil, sugar, pepper

1. Pre-processing:
– Chicken wings tightly coupled, soy sauce marinated 1M “Fuji”, 1 / 3m pepper, 1 / 2M prawn satay. Tattoos are used knife for quick chicken wings soaked spices.
– Onion cut of about 2 cm.
– Mix the marinade mixture: shrimp satay 1.5M, 2M water, soy sauce 1M 1M road and “Fuji”.

2. Implementation:
– Put the pan on the stove, for deep-frying chicken wings, fish out and drain oil.
– Non-aromatic garlic, dried shrimp fried fragrant, add sauce mixture, stirring, for chicken wings on them with stalks scallions shock. Turn off heat.

3. How to use:
– Rating plate of chicken wings out, using hot with rice, soy sauce, “Fuji” and sliced ​​peppers.

small Tip
– Tattoos help quickly soaked chicken wings spiced.
– Saute shrimp with garlic helps increase simultaneously reducing fishy aroma of shrimp.

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