Fried pork with sweet and sour tamarind sauce

On hot summer days. A general feeling for everyone that is fed up with the full meat meal and fat on the table. However, with the variations and changes of spices will bring a fresh feeling. A fried pork with sweet and sour sauce on lunch or dinner full of energy will bring you .Let’s get it and making right now!


You need the following ingredients to make fried pork with sweet and sour sauce:

– 350g tenderloin

– 120g tomato sauce

– 60 g of apple cider vinegar

– 60g sugar

– 1/3 carrot; 1 stalk ginger; 1 started operating checkered boa

– 5g cornmeal; 55g flour;

– Salt, oil
1. Carrots and ginger peeled, cut microfiber (including ginger cuts as small as possible).

Checkered cut into small fibrous, similar to a long piece of carrot and ginger.

Loin cut into 4cm thick pieces of meat – 5mm, seasoned with a little salt for about 15 minutes to saturate.
2 . In the meantime, you proceed to mix the sauces. Tomato sauce mixed with a little water to dilute. Pour the sugar into the bowl, add vinegar and stir well until the sugar is completely dissolved

3. In a separate bowl, stir cornstarch dissolved, flour, cooking oil and water mixture into a dough and place the meat in the flour mixture to the islands which were around the meat.
4. Heat the oil pan mangrove enough meat, meat pieces drop into fried golden brown. Scoop the meat out plate to drain oil
5. Squeeze less oil from the pan, leaving a smooth surface layer, add ginger, carrot and pineapple fried leeks. Pour the tomato sauce, vinegar marinade mixture in step 2 to the pan, stir to continue.

When the mixture begins to boil, then pour sauce fried meat to boil over medium heat for a few minutes that is, stirring occasionally to infuse the meat sauce.

Pick the meat out plate, drizzle with more sauce on the side, decorated with julienne scallions.


Crispy pork with sweet and sour sauce of garlic aromatic flavor and mild acidity of apple cider vinegar do not mix. Sauces sheathed beautiful iridescent fried pork pieces are sour, salty, sweet taste. Tasty steak bites seen from inside adhered sweet sour sauce outside thinly. Meat should be pre-fried and crunchy sweetness keep characterized not too soft or residue.

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