Sauced Chicken with Lime Leaves

After a long period of time for rest, today I will continue to take care lighters “Ann’s House.” A few days I did not write, I feel a bit guilty. This is a difficult time for me to update the article because I had just moved to a new home, everything was a mess and find a spot to photograph his subject dishes feel like the best shape possible. So is “Ann Cooking” have appeared in the community for some time, it is hard to believe he could go on a road and follow it for longer I think. On the first day I created the blog, I simply think they have cameras, they have little ingenuity in cooking plus enthusiasts should set up a blog to share with everyone. By now, after a year of looking back more or less “ANN cooking” with little success and even a little. The future plans unfinished front but now will try and try so much hope for a better future for it!

Ingredients: for 5 people

  • A chicken
  • Some lime leaves
  • 2 purple onion
  • Water
  • seasoning, sauce, salt


Tightly washed chicken into smaller pieces marinated with crushed onion finely chopped, a tablespoon of water color and spice

Lime leaves cut only half put together with chicken marinated

Marinate at least 30 minutes to spice absorbed into the chicken

Warehouses as chicken chicken over medium heat for nearly nine remaining notes of lemon leaves into the pot, stir off the kitchen.

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