Fried mackerel with Turmeric

This is a traditional dish in our family holidays like Tet or the day of traditional ancestor . You will feel that the fish has a natural sweetness and aromatic flavor of turmeric, the exterior is crispy dishes but inside does not dry out. Especially mango salad that we served and less fragrant sauce of roasted rice.

Mackerel: 2 zoning (150g / frozen)
Mango glue: 1 left
The juice of fresh technology: 2M
Thin red onion cells: 5 bulbs
Chopped red onion (not chopped): 1M
Water mint leaves
Chili horns: 2 left
Cilantro: 2 stalks
Roasted rice: 1M
Cooking oil, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, chili powder
Fermented rice vinegar
Crispy fried chicken powder

1. Pre-processing:
– Marinate tuna with technological water, 1 / 2m pepper, dipped briefly fried chicken crispy flour Aji- Quick®.
– Mango cut fibers of 2mm, mango and red onion cells soaked with ice water for 10 minutes, take out and drain.
– 1 left horn peppers chopped, 1 left cut the yarn. Chopped coriander stalks.
– Mix the fish sauce: Mix sugar 4M, 2M sauce, rice vinegar fermentation LISA 2M, 1 m paprika, coriander stalks 2M, 1M chopped red onion, roasted rice and minced chili 1M.

2. Implementation:
– Make salad: Chilled mango, red onion cells, chili with 1m fiber lines, for 5 minutes to saturate. Add water mint leaves, mix well.
– Heat the cooking oil, fish soaked through Aji chicken fried crispy-quick® flour, fish frying pan over medium heat soaked until golden, take out and drain oil.

3. How to use:
– Ratings fish 1 side dish, side dish salad 1, decorative water mint and chili horns less fiber cut, placed next cup dipping sauce.

small Tip
– Marinate the fish with the technology to add flavor to dishes.
– Breaded fish through the absorbent powder 2 times to fish and spices to create individual surface crispness.

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