Fried Duck sweet and sour sauced

Duck! Duckmeat! My children immediately exclaimed: Oh no, Mom, we can not stand to eat duck when we mentioned this. Duck is indeed a very difficult material processing because of the duck’s ass out of the foul weather makes its meat will often haunted this horrible smell. However, the duck meat is used to prepare many dishes delicious, nutritious. Therefore when we cleaned the “float sentence” appalling processing will have the simplest way for this duck. Fried duck with sweet and sour sauce will make the whole family happy with delicacies colorful summer, especially children.

Material :
– Duck soft bristles: 300g
– Small Tomatoes: 2 fruit (100g)
– Green bell pepper, red, yellow: 1/4 left
– Ginger small: 1 tubers
– Peppers horn: 1 left
– Aniseed: 1 female
– Minced garlic, cashew oil, white wine
– Flour power, honey
– Diabetes
– Seeds wedge
– Soy sauce (or soy sauce)
– Fermented rice vinegar

1. Pre-processing
– Ducks cleaned, dried, marinated with ginger, white wine, 1 / 2m seasoning Aji-ngon®, 1 less sugar, to saturate. Boiled duck to water with anise and seasoning Aji-ngon® 1m for 10 minutes, fish out to dry, seasoned duck with soy sauce LISA 1m, honey and little flour.
– Chopped tomatoes. Fiber cut bell peppers. Chopped ginger microfiber. Shredded chilli horns.
– Flour dilution with water.

2. Perform
– Place 1 small pan on the stove, for submerged oil in half the pan, then boil oil for fried golden duck in, out and drain the oil, cut duck into bite size pieces.
– How sweet and sour sauce: Africa aromatic garlic, ginger and stir-fry for a coffee in shallow water, add 1/2 cup duck broth, soy sauce 2m LISA, LISA 1M fermented rice vinegar, sugar 2m, 1m cashew oil, 1 / 2m seasoning Aji-ngon®. Allow the water to sauce with flour into the match, add bell pepper, chili horns on and turn off the stove.

3. Usage
– Ratings duck meat dish, eating chan sauce on top. Hot using.

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