How to make cherry tomato give fruit all year round (part 2)

Planting technique

1. Preparing seed
Select seeds that match the ecological zones and seasons to be planted. Seed treatment before sowing: soak the seeds in warm water about 45-50oC (3 portions of boiling water mixed with 2 portions of cold water), and keep for 2-3 hours, then drain and put into the moist cloth, keep at a temperature of 25 – 300 C until seeds are cracked.
2. Sowing seeds
Seeds can be sown in pots or trays of 60 x 45 cm in size with 40 to 60 recesses / trays, one seed for a hole.
Growing medium: The mixture can be made according to the following formulas:
• Soil – Coconut fiber – Organic fertilizer at a portions 1: 1: 1
•Soil – Rice husk – Organic fertilizer at a portions 4: 3: 3.
Sowing: Sow the seeds with a thin layer of seedbed to cover the seeds. The sowing tray should be left indoors, covered with light material (nylon or white plastic).
3. Planting and caring
The seedlings of 20 -25 days old, having 4-5 true leaves, 10-12 cm tall and healthy can be ready for transplanting in pots or on the ground.
Tomato plants have a longitudinal root pattern that extends along the body, so you can plant them deep into the soil, leaving the young leaves above the ground.
Water regularly: Regularly watering tomatoes in the first or second week is always a good idea to help them grow stronger and grow better. Tomato plants are prone to drought when they are young.
Attention: Keep the soil moist, do not water continually water. If the soil is submerged it will kill the roots and allow the fungus to grow, especially when the weather is really warm or hot.
Sprinkling water from the body down, water around the plant is better than direct irrigation on the leaf. If you water the leaves, that method of irrigation will encourage some of the diseases easily spread in tomato plants.
Increase the amount of irrigation water after 10 days and ensure that a plant receives about 7.5 liters of water per week, starting at the end of the second week after planting.
Deeply water the plants 2-3 times a week, each time 3-4 liters. It is possible to increase the amount of water if the tree is larger and the weather is hotter. In case the weather is too dry and hot, you can water more often than the standard.

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