How to make the Japanese Karepan

Hello everyone ! Today will be an article for myself after the “10th” anniversary of my 18th birthday (Just for fun). During these 28 years for me was really a relatively peaceful way, after 7 years ago I finished university, I continued be keep learning for the Masters degree, I’d also worked in practice for 3 months in a quality company. Everyone in the company very good to me and now I have to continue keep in touch with them. I still have a boyfriend “fat” on the side to take care of him (or feeding to fat), I only have the desire for this year things will go as smoothly as 27 years ago or more.

This year I will continue to plan to do much more on the website, I will invest in improving the image and quality of the article so that people always have the best products to see, I hope I have enough time to do everything.

Returning to today’s topic, I want to introduce people to add a delicious addition, it has a simple recipe but very tasty: Bread’s curry Japanese style, also known as Japanese Karepan. The layer ouside is bold yellow so it’s nice and cripsy, the stuffer materials inside it is curry which is very soft and fragrant. This dish is easy to eat, especially the baby is sure to love it.

We started to do it now

MATERIAL (for 15-17 pie):

– 400g minced beef or pork grind
– 15-17 slices of bread pillow
– 1 potato, diced
– 2 small carrots, diced
– 2 shallots, minced
– 1 little minced garlic
– 1/2 tablespoon curry powder
– 3 tablespoons ketchup
– 2 eggs
– Tomato bread (fried dough)
– Salt
– Cooking oil or butter


– Preheat the pan and place in it a little butter or oil, then fry onion and garlic to get up the scent.
– Load the parrots and potatoes into the pan and mix them on a regular basis for a few minutes, then add 400g minced beef (or pork grind), using chopsticks or spoons crush them to the puree meat as good as possible.
– Seasoning the mixing with 1 ½ tablespoons of curry powder, salt (spice) and 3 tablespoons of ketchup (tomato sauce). Hand mixing till they’s absorbent in spice.
– Add a little water and simmer down to potatoes and carrots cooked completely.
– To prepare the crust, cutting off the edges of the bread pillow, then rolled by hand or tree cake dough flatten the surface.
– Put a spoonful of curry stuffer into each piece of bread, then gently push the roll-back contour cake together. Repeat the same steps with the remaining staff and the crust, we’ll do about 15-17 pie.
– Dip each slice through the egg smashed and fried dough, then deep-frying until golden brown both sides. Both the wheel attention to the fire lest light, because yellow cake very fast, also has nine staff available inside should not take much time if you want to save ? And then we can oil cake in the pan deep fried small, each fry 1-2 times the ^^
– The material after frying oil will be absorbent by the paper, We will decorate the dish with sliced tomatoes. So we’ve already finished making them!

Wish the Successful for you!

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