Fried Eel with Lemonglass & Fish sauce

Eel is a special material in the special dishes of the northern plains. Always taste of fresh, strong flavor, as well as special materials that have little else like it. People often use it to cook the soup or stew with green banana? Today, on the occasion of the New Year holidays, I am happy to share with you the secret to making a delicious dish of eel with traditional flavor according to taste Vietnam, special dishes will be very delicious thanks to a great combination of fried fish sauce and lemon grass.

– Eels (clean, cut): 300g
– Citronella hash: 2tps
– 2 Lemonglasses
– Garlic hash: 2tps
– Chili Hash: 1tps
– 2 Lettuce lolo
– A Cucumber
– Lemon juice: 1tps
– Vegetables and basil: 1 tps
– Fish sauce, sugar, cooking oil
– Flour crispy fried chicken.
– Eel bones removed, cut about 4cm, scaly dragon departed. 1M marinated minced garlic, minced lemongrass 1M, to saturate.
– Vegetable salad, basil clean odd. Cucumber cut 5cm.
– Centre-Quick® eel through Aji chicken crispy fried dough, fried golden, take out and drain oil. Lemongrass fried crispy and golden hash cells for application.
– How do lemongrass sauce: Mix water 1M, 1M sugar, fish sauce 1M, 1 / 2M lemon juice, minced lemongrass 1M, 1M chopped chilli and lemongrass fried.
– Ratings fried eel dish with vegetables and cucumber, served with vegetables and lemongrass fish sauce.

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