Grilled girdle-cake with egg

How to make Rice  baked roll egg and onion for everyone, we can enjoy with shrimp sauce and so very tasty specialties in Dalat or Ninh Thuan. Here is a snack that surely you’ve heard, you can grill with quail eggs, egg or shrimp sauce makes a compelling taste palate. If you do not want to eat at the streets vendor because of it’s not hygienic, then you can make it at home with very simple steps. Please join me in learning how to make egg dishes baked roll extremely attractive for everyone to enjoy below offline.

Materials quail eggs baked roll

  • Minced meat
  • scallions
  • Ricepaper
  • Chickenhen Egg


Step 1: Select the ricepaper
ricepaper which you can use to type thin rice paper roll or spring rolls.

Step 2: Breaded spicy
Dried cloves should select spice marinated shrimp with food will taste better when grilled.

Step 3: Mix the cake’s
Scallions washed, chopped.
Place the cake on the grill, add a little satay, green onions, one egg, dried cloves.
If you like to add fried minced meat cooked in advance and spread a little meat meat roll surface.

Step 4: Seamless press cake
Just recently spoon baking ingredients evenly across the cake.

Step 5: Bake
Continue baking until the egg starts to mature, continuously rotating hands to roll the nine are, you can sprinkle a little dry stalks scallions or preference.

Step 6: Turn the wheel
If you want to eat more fat thin you could rig a piece of cheese, then add the dried shrimp, scallions, chili satay, egg and baking evenly until cooked.

Step 7: Add spices to taste
Cakes were baked and after are brittle, you can fold in half, or to CBU.
Take-out disc, use scissors to cut into slices to taste, use hot.

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