Chicken nuggets for the holidays

This is a snack, a dish for a picnic or as a quick breakfast items. However, it is not a fast-food dishes because it does not need to buy at every shop or buying at the fast food chain 😛.

This is a dish easy to prepare, especially for busy mothers little time for cooking. We will buy the materials, do more and put in the fridge on the weekends, Anytime we eat, then let in the oven or fried again. Does anyone believe that 15 minutes of finishing a snack, is not it? 🙂

There are many ways to do this dish, but I would choose one way that we have done and are very popular. The difference is that lean will not be fully utilized as well as it was not pureed, no baking powder is used as the commercially available type.


– 1kg chicken (1/2 breast, 1/2 pureed + thighs, skin removed, leaving the fat and remove tough tendon parts, it was long as chopsticks julienne, 1cm long)

– Spices: salt, pepper, sugar, chili powder (optional) – the amount depending on taste

– 1 pinch of dried basil

– 2 eggs (for flour)

– 50g flour

– Tomato bread / flour fried


+ 2 types of chicken are mixed together with spices, basil. Sealed to the refrigerator for about 1-2 hours.

+ Eggs beaten with about 10 ml of cold water.

+ Divide the chicken into pieces, pressed flat. Rolled through flour, dipped in egg, bread roll over a coffee powder.

+ Deep fried until golden.

  • If storage use gradually, roast cooked to medium, drain the oil and frozen storage sealed.
  • Before eating can turn the oven for crispy -> that right by not using oil.
  • Or maybe fried in oil, is nine minutes.
  • Used with ketchup or barbecue sauce.

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