How to make cherry tomato give fruit all year round (part 3)

Bearing support
When tomato plants are 1.5-2 months old you need to make truss or piles to support the trunk. You can use bamboo poles, wood, water pipes or iron to keep the tomato stem from falling off or breaking up when they have more fruit. The size of the pile or truss depends on the type of tomato that you choose to plant. If only grow cherry tomatoes in small pots, just a pile up to support the tree, but if the tree is large or planted in the garden, the frame must be supported.
A-shape truss with 3 horizontal braces or round iron bars around the pot, 1.6-1.7m high, tied with soft stems along the stalk for climbing truss.
Make the tree fruited and durable: Trunks the old branches and leaves for ventilation. For each tree keep only one main body and two first branches close to the first bunch, that let the plants to produce many flowers.
Regularly detect and prevent pests and diseases promptly for tomatoes. Regularly prune the old leaves, that help ventilate plants and  reduce pests. The purpose of pruning is to focus on nutrients feeding . There are two ways of pruning, depending on the characteristics of each plant, using different ways. With finite growth tomatoes: Proceed to press the branches but leave a branch from the main body under the auxillary leaf below first flower bunch (All young shoots and branches cut off). Press the tops when the tree has got 4 to 5 bunches of fruit. Flower will appear for about 45-90 days from the time of planting to the ground. Initially the fruit will be green, then yellow, pink and finally dark red. The fruit quality is highest when the fruit turns to full maturation stage (dark red). When the fruit is ripe, use a knife or scissors for harvest. Or you can  pick fruit early, kept in the house to ripen.

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