My thoughts on culinary critics

In one way or another, it’s easy to appraise and write about food. We do not have to take much risk while enjoying the privilege of assessing the performance of others. Sometimes, with a few famous writers, the privilege does not stop there, but it also has a certain influence on the career path or the opinion of a group of readers for the chefs and restaurants they hit. price. To be honest, we would love to catch the shortcomings of writing disparaging lines, because writing or reading them is all very interesting. On the one hand, there is the satisfaction of the evil that is available in every human bone marrow. The rest is divided equally for the desire to express the ego, affirm the position and desire to applaud the crowd.

It is strange that humans are very interested in criticizing each other, even if the events in question are unrelated to themselves. Typically, the ugly culture called: “peeling phosphates”, “waiting for phosphates” and “stoning” that many of us still contribute every day. That inadvertently motivated writers to criticize, worse and worse, because there was a line in their minds that said, “You have to deceive many people to see and praise people to think.” is PR “or even:” Knowing more than people can have the right to criticize, criticize and respect. ” I do not deny that I have had the mark in the mind as in the second, but then when reflecting, who knows everything in the world? We are all frogs, only small wells,

To be fair, I temporarily leveled all the external elements that made the wells differ in size and called us all “diners”. The opposite of what we diners face is that: when we look at the big picture, even a “rubbish” can be more meaningful than what we label it with critical criticism. own. You may not know the story behind, but you can still judge with confidence as usual, with the confidence of a certain group of people. On the other hand, if you put even a little bit of enthusiasm in your writing, ignoring the self-interest factor, then it is time for us to fall into the situation where we have to choose a risk. to discover and defend new and ridiculous things.

This world doesn’t inherently favor new things, while they desperately need intimate support. Like the story of “royal chicken” in a certain Chinese restaurant was complained by customers because it was too spicy, like Castella cake of a newly opened brand was criticized, dry and hard. Or in many steak restaurants to this day, every day the staff is still miserable with persuading customers to use tenderloin at the level of rejuvenation to taste the sweetest. But even with such a warning, we either ignore it, or try or do the opposite of what was advised so that after that, all dissatisfaction will be poured on top of the restaurant. Since when has an individual’s own opinion and eating preferences become the truth?

Based on where do people give themselves the right to be freely criticized, even with things beyond their own knowledge? Is it because of the dignity that we try to protect when our own preferences go against the standards that really make us humble or simply because of the “godly” power that the traditional conception has entrusted to us? If for the sake of appearance, we should be more humble and respectful to avoid the same thing happening again. If for the word “god”, as I wrote not so long ago: if you want to be a god, first behave like a god.

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