Chicken rolls potato fries crispy

Our kids are very naughty, often they work tirelessly and playing with grandparents with these childish gamesin the weekends. I usually make some new dishes with ingredients that they prefer, it’s chicken. Today I will guide you chicken fries crispy rolls. Yellow chicken rolls are fantastic. The first bite into pieces immediately will feel crispness and aroma of chicken outside, followed by Bui Bui’s position potatoes, fatty meats leopard inside the chicken rolls. I’m surely  that your kids would like them!


  • Chicken breast fillet: 500g
  • Bellies: 50g
  • Sweet potatoes: 30g
  • Areca taro: 30g
  • Garlic water: 2M
  • Scallions: 2 stalks
  • Salad
  • Flour, chili sauce, cooking oil, pepper
  • seasoning
  • mayonnaise
  • Crispy fried chicken powder

1. Compared preparations
– Lang thin chicken breast, lightly pounded. Bacon cut rods. Marinate chicken and bacon with garlic water 2M, 1 / 4m pepper, seasoning Aji-ngon: 1M to saturate 10 minutes.
– Sweet potatoes, taro cut matchstick-sized rod. Cut green onion. Flour mixed with a little water to glue.
– Place the chicken pieces on cutting board, put the sweet potato, taro, meat and scallions to roll back. Eyelid glue.

2. Perform
– Heat the cooking oil, turn the chicken over Aji-rolled coils fried chicken crispy Quick® flour, then fried golden, take out and drain oil.

3. Usage
– Place chicken rolls fried potato dish, served with lettuce, mayonnaise dots “Aji-mayo” chutney phase (ratio 2: 1).

small Tip
– Lined on the plastic pieces and sliced ​​pieces of chicken to the chicken lightly with a hammer slowly being crushed.
– Marinate the chicken with garlic water to increase the aroma to the dish.

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