Beef Rolling “Phở”

No doubt, pho is inherently the most famous dish of Vietnam, pho has been put into poetry and song of the leading artists of our country. However noodle is known by everyone in the world is a noodle soup served with broth. We also need to make “rolling” Pho became a dish like that because it is delicious and attractive dishes of all ages, not take long to cook, just to taste a very interesting book, exotic , used in family reunion banquet and farewell the old year, new year’s Eve.

-Original pieces noodles: 500g
-Beef fillet: 300g
– Beansprout: 100g
– A Carrot
– A Onions
– 2 Lettuces
– Kind of Herb
– Minced garlic, chopped chili
– Pepper, sugar, fish sauce
– Fermented rice vinegar
– seasoning

1. Pre-processing
– Thinly sliced ​​beef, marinated with 1tsp minced garlic, 1/3 tsp pepper and seasoning and saturated all.
– Carrot shreds. Onions cut to fibers. Salads, herbs and fancy prices.

2. Gone
– Non-aromatic 1tsp minced garlic, and sauté carrots, wedges 1 / 2tsp seasoning , add onion stir-fry cooked, pour out the disc. Add some oil to the pan, stir-fried beef cooked, pour into dish.
– Spread noodle dish, put lettuce, herbs, prices, beef, carrots and onions up, rolled back.
– How sweet and sour sauce: mix 1/2 cup water with rice vinegar fermentation, sugar, fish sauce and garlic, minced peppers.

3. Usage
– Ratings noodle dish, eating dots together sweet and sour sauce.

small Tip
When rolling the ball should be placed face noodle dish out to look more attractive. Choose a soft fillet steak more delicious food.

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