Fried fish with tamarind sauce

Fish dishes are always a hot topic on the table of our families. The support of my husband and me for it will balance with strong resistance from our children when we do not like this dish a bit. I admit the fish dishes are brought to the feeling of frustration but can not deny it because it’s so nutritious. A dish with catfish is the main raw material will allow us to reduce the arrhythmia, especially good for children in the process of intellectual development.

Pangasius fillet: 350g
Onions: 1/2 tubers
Scallions: 2 trees
Chili horns: 1 left
Seedless tamarind extractor: 50g
Coriander, flour, pepper
Sugar, fish sauce, cooking oil

1. Pre-processing
– Fish water and blot dry, cut pieces 6cm long, 2cm horizontal, marinated fish with seasoning Aji-ngon® 1m and 1 little pepper, to soak 15 minutes.
– Diced onion. Cut peppers lozenges. 1cm cut scallions. Passionate with 1 cup hot water, filter the water.
– Making tamarind sauce: fragrant fried onions, the way to win 1M caramel, add tamarind juice, simmer until cooked dried paste, fish sauce and seasoning 1/2 seasoning Aji-ngon® 1m.

2. Fish Fry
– Roll the fish through the flour, frying oil until golden, take out and drain oil.
– Saute peppers and scallions fragrant, add tamarind sauce on the fish boil, stirring, then, turn off the stove.

3. Usage
– Ratings fried fish dish, decorate with cilantro, served with hot rice and soy sauce put together with LISA.

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