Pupa sautéed with shallots cotton

In my family, my kids enjoyed the pupa, they are often said that pupa has a taste greasiness like eggs. This new dish called pupa sautéed with shallots cotton, we add mayonnaise to create a sour, crunchy leaves and chives make a sweet. This dish would definitely be a delicious dish meal change your whole family on weekdays.

Pupa: 200g
Cotton chives: 150g
Carrots: 100g
Chopped red onion
Pepper, sugar, fish sauce

1. Pre-processing
– Pupa washed, drained.
– Bong chives cut off the roots, cut short 5cm. Carrots cut fiber

2. Saute
– Put the pan on the stove, to pupa to roasted with purple onion for flavor, seasoning 1m sugar, 1 / 2m seasonning, teaspoon of sauce, 1 / 3 teaspoon of  pepper, carrots, stirring until carrots ripe for cotton chives on, seasoned mayonnaise 1M “Aji-mayo ” to stir, turn off the stove.

3. Usage
For pupa fried dish, use hot with rice.

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